Big Data: A Trend or Here to Stay?

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Each week, DailyTekk connects you with leading experts on a given topic as part of our Understanding series. This week we are focusing on explaining Big Data. Yesterday we learned what pitfalls must be avoided when implementing a Big Data strategy and today we’re discussing whether or not Big Data is just a trend or whether or not it is here permanently. Last week we focused on Instagram Marketing.


Is Big Data a Trend or is it Here to Stay?

David Jonker: “Big data is a trend that is here to stay, though the term ‘Big Data’ itself is trendy. Internet companies have proven whole business models around Big Data insights: think Google, Facebook, LinkedIn. Traditional enterprises are following suit and are finding success; and where there is proven business value there is permanency.”

“There will be more data generated in 2013 in ten minutes than was generated in the entirety of 2003. As a simple example, more people are getting online every day, generating more data through social media, online commerce, and simple interactions with each other. The per capita volume of data generated is only going up and the ability for companies to search, analyze, monitor and generate relevant insights from that data is the biggest issue facing IT organizations worldwide,” says Sanjay Sarathy.

Margaret Dawson says, “Big Data is not a trend. It may be called a different name, but our need to manage and gain intelligence from an ever growing flood of digital data is only going to increase. More of our daily lives will be conducted online and in doing so, businesses will need to improve how they interact with us, learn from our behavior and make every experience personal and relevant. This is one thing Big Data can do. Big Data also has global implications such as improving our ability to predict major weather disasters, social disturbances, flu outbreaks and much more. Our development and utilization of Big Data is still in the very early stages, and the more we leverage open source or other open environments, the more successful this movement will be.”

Matthew Standish has an answer that is short but sweet. “It is a trend that will either be successful in fulfilling its promise or it will become like CRM, creating an expensive professional services compromise with the inability to deliver on real ROI.”

Meet the Big Data Experts

  • Margaret Dawson is Vice President of Product Management at Symform and is a 20-year high-tech industry veteran and cloud expert. She is a frequent author and speaker on cloud computing, big data, network security, integration and other business and technology themes.
  • David Jonker works within SAP’s Database & Technology unit with a focus on Big Data initiatives and the company’s in-memory database platform SAP HANA.
  • Sanjay Sarathy is the Chief Marketing Officer at Sumo Logic with over seventeen years of marketing, business development and community building experience in both SaaS and enterprise software environments.
  • Matthew Standish is Chief Executive Officer, Founder and Chief Architect of IDInteract.

Photo via The Future of Big Data infographic.

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