Big Data: Creative Uses

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Each week, DailyTekk connects you with leading experts on a given topic as part of our Understanding series. This week we are focusing on explaining Big Data. Yesterday we learned what Big Data actually is and today we’re focusing on creative examples of companies harnessing the power of Big Data. Last week we focused on Instagram Marketing.

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How Are Companies/Organizations Creatively Using Big Data?

“Let me give you two examples,” says David Jonker, “In the summer the NBA announced plans to work with SAP to build an ‘unprecedented statistical experience’ for its fans. The resulting real-time data platform will enable the league to bring virtually unlimited amounts of official NBA statistical information directly to fans’ fingertips on the league’s official website. For a completely different example, consider Mitsui Knowledge Industry in Japan, which is enabling personalized cancer treatment based on real-time analysis of a patient’s genome. Complex genome analysis which used to take up to two days to process can now be performed in 20 seconds, resulting in better and faster patient care.”

“Best Buy has been a pioneer in deploying solutions, especially, around social media, in an attempt to create better experiences interacting with Best Buy across customer service and marketing organizations. Combining Big Data from social media channels with existing ‘Structured Data’ from CRM and/or business intelligence software applications to drive customer satisfaction and overall sales. Ironically, Best Buy has measurably failed to effectively use ‘Big Data’ due primarily to deploying too many point solutions or software applications that further complicated their goals,” says Matthew Standish.

Margaret Dawson says, “The one that comes to mind first is Netflix. In general, online businesses are great examples of Big Data, because they have so much data around products, customer behavior, community information, etc., that they need to process and make decisions on in real time. Netflix is at the cutting edge of Big Data in the way they are using intelligence to drive real-time recommendations for customers and increased revenue.”

Sanjay  Sarathy provides this example: “Limelight provides a content delivery network and web content management platform used by over 1,800 customers worldwide. For them, ensuring optimal performance on their platform is critical because of how it would affect the end-user experience with the content delivered by their customers. Limelight analyzes the data generated by over 300 servers to monitor and troubleshoot any performance degradation or service interruption that would impact that end-user experience.”

Meet the Big Data Experts

  • Margaret Dawson is Vice President of Product Management at Symform and is a 20-year high-tech industry veteran and cloud expert. She is a frequent author and speaker on cloud computing, big data, network security, integration and other business and technology themes.
  • David Jonker works within SAP’s Database & Technology unit with a focus on Big Data initiatives and the company’s in-memory database platform SAP HANA.
  • Sanjay Sarathy is the Chief Marketing Officer at Sumo Logic with over seventeen years of marketing, business development and community building experience in both SaaS and enterprise software environments.
  • Matthew Standish is Chief Executive Officer, Founder and Chief Architect of IDInteract.

Photo via The Future of Big Data infographic.

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