Bing just helped me find an awesome place to eat

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Whether I’m traveling or at home, finding a great new restaurant to try is something I do quite often. I mean, I love eating at new places. It’s a relatively inexpensive way to add some excitement to a day, even when I’m busy. If I’m on the road (even on a boring business trip) I can find a cool place to eat in-between meals or if I’m back home running errands I can pop into a local, yet previously undiscovered, eatery to see what’s good.

In the past I’ve used a bunch of methods for finding a good place to eat. I’ve asked people for recommendations, I’ve driven by a place and decided to stick my head in on a whim, I’ve used various apps and of course I’ve searched the Web. Really, searching the Web is probably my go-to way to find information quickly. But today I did something different.

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Kentucky Fried Freedom: battered and pan fried “chicken” with mashed potatoes and gravy, black eye peas and garlicky greens.

Instead of heading over to my usual search engine, I decided to give Bing a try. Why? I’d heard about their rewards program and wanted to try it out. As Bing explains it, the program is akin to a frequent flyer program… just call it a frequent searcher program. Going into it I knew I wasn’t going to get rich, but I also won’t turn away a $5 Amazon gift card every now and then either. Actually, there are many different rewards you can choose from.

The crazy thing is I search all the time… and so do you. If it’s your sort of thing you might really like getting some perks for it.

So, where did I end up eating today? I searched for vegetarian food in my local area and found a new place I hadn’t heard of before that looked great and had rave reviews (Bing showed me the average star rating right within the search results and linked to the reviews on Yelp). I’ve eaten in vegetarian restaurants all over the country and let me tell you something… most are either weird or kind of a dump. This place was neither. It was  high class and the food had some style to it.

Bing not only helped me find this restaurant and decide to eat there but rewarded me for using Bing to find it in the first place. Even if all I did from now on was use Bing to find places to eat, I’d eventually rack up enough credit for a Fandango gift card… annnnd dinner and a movie just got less expensive.

Of all the Bing Rewards, the travel items probably appeal to me the most. For instance, it’s possible to redeem 100 miles/points at a time for popular airline and hotel loyalty programs from companies like Hawaiian Airlines, US Airways and Virgin America among others. With as much traveling as I do, any type of reward is much appreciated… especially when they make it easier to bring my loved ones along for the ride.

I’m required to disclose a sponsored partnership between our site and Bing. I have been compensated in exchange for this post in the form of payment, product or experiences.

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