Blink Home Security System Review: Lots of Bang for Your Buck!

I’ve just discovered my new favorite home security system from Blink. What sets it apart is it’s utter simplicity and dirt cheap pricing and I can tell you right now this is hands-down my recommendation if you’re in the market for a new DIY security system.

So before I get to what I like about it and how it works, let’s talk features. First off, the Blink system is totally wireless: all the cameras are battery operated and those batteries can last for up to 5 years! So unlike competing systems like Nest or Canary you don’t have to plug these cameras in for power which means you can place them just about anywhere: on a wall, in the corner of the ceiling… wherever you can reach.

In terms of what you can capture with these cameras, you’re looking at 720p HD video (which may sound kind of low to you, but in all reality 720p is all you really need for security monitoring and it looks great). There’s a live view mode so you can watch any camera anytime in realtime and there’s also built-in low-light illumination that lets you see when it’s dark. There’s a one-way mic so you can hear what’s happening at any location. So you’re going to end up with a pretty comprehensive security feed for each camera.

Just like you’d want in a security system you’ll get a push alert with an attached video when you’re out of the house or your office (wherever you’ve set Blink up) which will let you know when something’s potentially wrong.

Now Blink is pretty new so there’s some features that are not quite here but coming soon. Those include temperature alerts, status alerts when your WiFi goes down, on-board USB storage, alarm scheduling and more.

Obviously all these features are great but the best thing about this system is the price: you can get started with Blink for just $99 which will get you one camera and the hub. Plus each additional camera is just $60. Now think about this: as cool as the Canary is, you can get 3 Blink cameras plus a hub for the same price. That’s 3 different points of view compared to just 1. And you can get a 5 camera bundle for just $299. That’s insane.

Alright, so what do I think about Blink after doing some testing.

Let me start with the setup which was a breeze. I’ve setup several home security systems and this was definitely the easiest. I had my first camera up and running in a matter of minutes. Even the Canary system gave me more of a hassle (with that crazy yellow cord you have to connect). I really like that I don’t have to plug the hub into my router (which is pretty full right now anyways) and the app did a great job of walking me through everything. 5-star setup experience for sure.

The design of this system is great too. I love the sleek white look and the compact size of each camera (not to mention the hub. While all-in-one systems generally look pretty nice, I’ve seen plenty of multi-cam systems that just look and feel either old or junky or both. At least these cameras do a really good job of blending into white walls which is very cool.

As you may or may not know I’ve got a background in app design so I can say this app feels well designed and works flawlessly. I like how you can see snapshots of each cameras view to help you quickly decide which view to look at and accessing live feeds or snapping pictures is super quick and easy. There’s also a nice dedicated button which arms and disarms the system which is easy to reach with your thumb which is nice for one-handed phone use. It’s interesting to note that Blink doesn’t hide their customer support contact info within the app: that tells me they are confident in their product and ready and willing to help.

This is one of those rare products where I really have nothing bad to say… Everything looks and works great and again, the pricing is simply unbeatable. If there’s one thing I’d like to see in the future, it’s the addition of an outdoor weather-resistant camera: I want to be able to see what’s happening outside my door at any given time or what the weather looks like when I’m traveling. And I guess it would be cool to have an Apple Watch app as well for added convenience.

So if you’re looking for a cheap, wireless security system that really easy to setup… Blink is probably perfect for you.