BlitzWolf smart desk LED light review (charges your phone)

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Good lighting is more important to our everyday lives than we realize. Lights are everywhere in our houses and the type of light they put can influence our mood or how well we can read. And when it comes to desk or nightstand we also need something that looks good since we’ll be seeing it often. And if it’s more useful than just being a simple light, then all the better. And that’s why I was excited to check out the BlitzWolf BW-LT1 Eye Care Protection Smart LED Rotatable Dimmable Desk Lamp Light (wow, that’s a mouthful).

Before we get to the cool features, let me first talk about the design because it’s really unique and looks super cool. I’m a big fan of the modern look and I love the sleek colors it comes in which are black or white.

Now you know I wouldn’t be covering this lamp on DailyTekk if it didn’t have some sort of cool tech feature aside from being an interesting light and that feature is a USB charger built into the side which means you can charge your phone while it rests on the base which can go a long way toward reducing clutter.

Part of what makes this lamp to awesome is that it swivels. It can rotate from side to side, it can move forward and the actual light on top can turn as well. So you’re just about guaranteed to be able to get the light pointed exactly how you want it.

I’m also loving the the different settings and modes. Depending on what you want to do, you can tailor the light for that specific activity. So there’s a mode for reading (which produces a neutral white), a mode for studying (which gives a cooler white), a mode for relaxing (which gives off a warmer light) and even a mode for sleeping (which produces a warmer yellow light… in case you’re afraid of the dark still… I guess). But one thing that’s awesome is the timer which will give you 60 minutes of light before automatically shutting itself off which is very handy.

I also love that you get 5 levels of brightness which means you’re not locked into light that’s either too much or too little. That means Goldilocks would like this because she’d get something that’s just right.

The base of this light is also heavy enough that it won’t slide around when you’re adjusting the light but it’s not too heavy either. It’s really just about right.

Now in terms of quality I’d say the light feels maybe slightly flimsy since it’s made out of a light plastic but I’m not at all worried about it breaking.

So in conclusion I’d call this one of the most versatile desk lamps you could possibly buy. For $46 you really can’t go wrong. Actually, I gladly would have paid closer to $100 — that’s how much I like it. The only thing that could be better is if it hooked up to my smartphone and smart home system. Who knows, maybe in the next version.

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