Blogging Basics for Beginners (Plus Tons of Resources)

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Wordpress LogoRecently I was asked to present a workshop on basic blogging to a group of pastors wives. I’m posting the main points from that talk here. The end result is a pretty decent guide to blogging for total beginners although experienced bloggers will probably find some useful tidbits as well. This article will teach you the definition of blogging, explain the various types of blogs and recommend some great blogging platforms. I’ll also provide you with some guidelines for writing a good blog post, talk about blog design and making money through blogging as well as how to integrating social media into your blog. Finally, I’ll end the post with some awesome resources and stand-out blog examples to get you inspired!

My Blogging Experience

I’ve been blogging for many years now–I love to blog. It’s exciting to have an audience. I originally got started blogging as a “design blogger” while I was a freelance designer which got about 100,000 page views per month in it’s heyday. When I took a full-time job, unfortunately it fell into disrepair, but I was focusing my attention on creating a blog for my new employer. Now, as you can read, I have started DailyTekk. Read more about why I started this blog here.

What is a Blog?

The term Blog comes from “Weblog” which is simply the words Web+Log combined. Essentially, a blog is a website that is updated over time. The frequency of these updates depends on the person (or people) behind the blog. Some people might post updates every day and others might post once per month. Blogging is typically very social at it’s core as people read your content, post their comments and share your links with their friends.

Types of Blogs

The way I see it, there are four major types of blogs as described below. In some instances, blogs cross-over between two or more different types.

Personal Blogs

Personal blogs really function like online journals. People use them to talk about their life and keep friends and family members updated. Typically, a personal blog is non-commercial and “just for fun”. It can be a creative writing outlet or a way to share the latest baby photos and videos. A personal blog is all about the author.

Corporate Blogs

Corporate blogs are basically for marketing, releasing news and having a conversation with customers. Many companies and organizations have made ...

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