Blu Dot Juice Box review: a beautiful charging station for multiple devices

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As my digital goods proliferate so does the headache that comes from needing to charge them in a sane manner. I’ve already taken a look at 10 ways to charge multiple devices, but that post is a bit old and it’s time for an update. In search of a solution that would be functional and beautiful (hey, we designers are like that), I wound up coming across the Blu Dot Juice Box ($99) which has room for up to four phones. It even has room for an iPad Air (though it comes right up to the edges).

The Juice Box isn’t more functional than beautiful or vice versa: it’s equal parts both. That said, the reason to buy it is for it’s looks since there are other charging stations out there that are plenty functional.

Many charging stations tend to be ugly. Some are really ugly. The Juice Box, on the other hand, is really easy on the eyes. It’s not the type of accessory you want to hide away in the depths of your home. To the contrary, you’ll want to set it out and let it be seen. This is good because hiding away your chargers isn’t very convenient.

The Juice Box is crafted from mitered walnut, a finish that gives it a more premium look. There are only three pieces to the setup: the box itself, a felted wool cover and a red strap for holding down the cords.

It’s a simple setup and that is part of what makes it wonderful. There isn’t any built in charging equipment or cords. Instead you can use whatever you’d like. For my testing I placed a power strip with 6 ports within the Juice Box and it fit with room to spare. In order to fit my iPhone plug into the power strip I had to turn the strip and the plug sideways in order to get the cover to completely shut. This is a very minor issue, however, since you can’t see inside the box while it’s in use.

If you’re looking for a more stylish than average charging station and don’t need to charge more than 4 phone-sized devices at a time, it’s going to be hard to find anything better than Blu Dot’s Juice Box.

And now I’m thirsty for some reason…

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