Bluesmart Black Edition Smart Carry-On Luggage Review

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I was a fan of Bluesmart — the originator of “smart luggage” — from the moment I heard about the company’s first product. So naturally I was very excited to be testing out the new Bluesmart Black Edition smart carry-on suitcase and post this review about a week before it actually goes on sale. Shoutout to Bluesmart for hooking that up.

So just like the previous model, the Black Edition has a smart lock which can be locked/unlocked remotely, it can charge your devices, you can locate it anywhere and it will weight itself. But now it’s got a new body and new wheels (not to mention a bit of a new look). So let’s start with those new features first.

I really like the updated look of this carry-on bag. In my opinion, it’s sleek and understated; it doesn’t scream at you for attention and yet when you do see it you notice that it looks really good. Compared to luggage at a department store like Macy’s, for instance, the Black Edition easily blows away the competition in the looks department (see for yourself in the video version of this review). Even with all of the smart tech features baked in, this bag doesn’t look dorky in the least.

But one thing I will say about these particular design is that — for lack of a better word — it’s a bit of a “crap magnet.” Things like dust and pet hair seem to cling to this baby like nobody’s business. It’s not a bit deal — I think that’s the case for lots of luggage and you can easily get it off. But still worth the mention.

The new wheels on the Black Edition are incredibly smooth. When you’re wheeling this guy around it’s almost like it’s just floating on air. I love it.

Now this new body is supposed to be ultra-resistant to things like water, scratches and bumps and at first I thought it wasn’t because I had some paint from a desk rub off on it which I couldn’t get off with my fingernail. But it actually came off with a damp paper towel so… I’d still say this piece of marketing holds up.


And yes, the shell is very strong. I know that for a fact since I dropped a few heavy rocks on it and it handled it like a champ (again, see ...

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