Bose SoundTouch WiFi Speaker Review (Hint: It’s Awesome)

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The Bose SoundTouch is a wireless streaming music speaker that makes music look and sound great. I should know—I’ve been testing a SoundTouch 20 speaker for the last couple months. In that time it has nearly become a member of the family—that’s how much it is loved around the house.

Before we talk about anything else let’s talk design. The Bose SoundTouch is more than easy on the eyes. It doesn’t just play music, it looks good doing so. I’ve had speakers in the past that I wanted to keep out-of-sight. The SoundTouch is not one of them. It is is something you won’t mind displaying front and center. It doesn’t look or feel cheap. In every regard, this is a high-quality speaker.

SettingsRemoteBefore I dig into any other features, I have to tell you about my absolute favorite: WiFi connectivity. Thanks to WiFi connectivity, the SoundTouch lineup allows me wireless access to my entire music library, Internet radio (including Pandora).

Just in case the brilliance of this feature hasn’t sunk in just yet, let me elaborate. Unlike a Bluetooth speaker that plays music from a connected device (like your phone, for instance), the SoundTouch connects directly to the Internet. There is no intermediary device needed. You can use a smartphone to control the speaker, if you like, but it’s certainly not necessary.

Now that I’ve told you about my favorite feature, let’s talk sound quality. For a nice and compact speaker, it’s got big sound. I mean BIG. The tones are pure, the bass is rich and it goes above and beyond filling up a room. I’ve currently got a SoundTouch stationed on my kitchen counter and it takes care of my entire bottom floor. Heck, I can hear it just fine all the way upstairs. In fact, when I am upstairs and the SoundTouch is playing downstairs, it’s like it’s in my bedroom or office right there with me (and that’s with the volume hovering around 50%). Hopefully you are getting the picture that this thing delivers powerful sound.

bose-soundtouch-app_02Fortunately, there’s no need to push the speaker to it’s limits thanks to the multi-room capacity. I’ve got two SoundTouch systems setup in the house and that means that it’s easy to listen to the same music in different ...

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