Braven Mira review: a Bluetooth speaker that’s not afraid of water

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Bluetooth speakers have proliferated to the point that it takes some pretty outstanding features above and beyond great sound and design to standout. One feature that got my attention recently was the water-resistant nature of the Braven Mira ($99), a Bluetooth speaker that can literally go where others dare not.

Music at the beach or in the shower

The idea of a speaker that doesn’t need to shy away from water is, for lack of a more profound word, awesome. There are many rugged speakers on the market, but I wonder how many of those that can take a beating are able to take a shower—and live to power on another day?

There are plenty of places you’d want to listen to music, an audio book or your favorite Internet radio station near water. The most obvious are while at the beach or the pool or in the shower.

From a technical standpoint, the Mira features an IPX5 water-resistent rating. In layman’s terms this means that water projected against the enclosure from a nozzle from any direction won’t have any harmful effects.

Personally, when I saw the Brava Mira I immediately thought, “I want that for the shower.” I mean, it’s the closest I’ll ever come to singing in the rain, let’s face it, and I might as well have a great soundtrack to drown out the lousy vocals, thus sparing any family members unlucky enough to be within earshot.

In testing, the Mira performed like a champ. As advertised, it held up to regular use in the shower. Noticing it’s labeled water resistant, and not water proof, I suppose it might not survive a drop into the tub, but it didn’t seem to mind getting splashed with a healthy dose of water.

Shower radios have been around for a long time, but who wants to listen to FM radio these days when there’s so much choice thanks to the Internet? The Mira puts any audio you can pull down on your phone at your disposal. Spotify, SoundCloud, Audible, Pandora, iTunes, GrooveShark… what else could you want?

In a way I almost felt bad pelting this nice looking speaker with water, but after awhile it was almost fun to see that it was getting soaked and still playing. I found that it had no issues whatsoever getting wet.

The Mira speaker comes with a handy hook that also doubles as a stand. The hook is obviously perfect for hanging in the shower. When a stand would work better, the hook folds down to form an upside down V to hold the speaker in place on a flat surface.

Sound quality

The Mira isn’t all that large as far as speakers go, so it’s no surprise that it doesn’t have bass that will kick you in the chest. The speaker speaker gives off sound that is plenty loud, if not super rich. The tradeoff is that it’s portable and lightweight and won’t short-circuit when it get’s wet (and that’s really it’s trump card).

Even without thumping bass, the Mira will get the job done without leaving you feeling as if you’re missing out or getting a raw deal. I’ve found that spoken word content, like an audio book or a podcast, sounds superb on the device making it a great way to get smarter while de-funking in the shower.


If you’re looking for a Bluetooth speaker that can handle the (water) pressure of getting wet while providing decent sound, the Mira is a great choice. In terms of functionality, there’s really nothing lacking. It does what it’s designed to do well.

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