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Brett Goldberg is Co-Founder of TickPick, the first transparent ticket marketplace where buyers and sellers can buy, sell & bid on tickets.


It’s simple, you have to be passionate about what you do. Everyday I work on my communication skills, internally in the office and externally with our customers.


Although our bidding platform is our key differentiator, we have shifted our attention to our users buying experience. We have increased our efforts on making sure that we have as much ticket inventory as possible and work with our sellers to make sure their prices are competitive.


Blog, blog, blog. Through our blog we are educating consumers. We are giving them the information they are looking for and by providing them this information, not only do they buy tickets from us, they are making better, smarter buying decisions which results in fewer customer support issues.


First, let me just say that we are hiring. Second, what we value first and foremost is passion and motivation. All of us at TickPick love working. Tickets may not be the sexiest thing, but what we are selling tickets for, typically is. The water cooler talk at other companies is our product. For example, we were just talking about all of the Miley Cyrus hype and we said is it worth writing a blog about it? We chose not to.


At Tickpick we are constantly improving not only our internal work flow but the overall user experience, from the start of buying tickets until our final email asking them how the event was. The efficiencies that we are creating is what allows us to undercut our compeition.


When we started TickPick, every single sale was a milestone. We would crawl social platforms, craigslist etc. and let everyone know that we would save them money and personally help them choose the best seats for them.


To be honest, there’s not one thing that anybody could have told me that would have helped me out in a meaningful way. Like the Buddha said, each person needs to experience it for themselves. With that said, a friend (Josh Brenner, Founder of Btreated, who sold his company to SpaFinder) told me from day one, the toughest thing is going to be to drive web traffic. That was the best piece of information I received before we started TickPick.


It’s time ...

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