Bundll: A better private space than Moments

You’ve probably heard this one before: A new mobile app for sharing with private groups of family and friends. Yes they are everywhere and who cares?

It’s become such a competitive space that Facebook is wading in on the action with, the codenamed app ‘Moments’. The “current design features a grid with a few tiles, each which represents a set of close friend and family.” It’s sure to be an extension of their privacy settings, rather than a ‘private’ standalone network.

What immediately struck me about this, beyond the tirade of comments about privacy and the need for another Facebook app, was that it already exists and in no way requires you to share this information with Facebook.

I have been using a mobile app called Bundll since its early private beta days. The simple app features a grid layout, that lets you create private spaces for different groups of family and friends. Each one of these groups, or bundlls, is a network for the people in them, accessible by invite only and with complete control over who sees what.

Since I started using it, I have set up networks for my close family, best friends, work colleagues (that I want to social network with), and my girlfriend. It has allowed me to share different sides of my life with different groups of people and there hasn’t been a need to set filters or, importantly, filter myself. It all happens naturally through the app.

When you open the app for the first time you see a statement – “Who Cares?” When I asked about this, Bundll’s CEO and Co-founder, Iain Rorison said, “It started as an internal joke about how nobody cares about a new social product. The more we used the phrase the more we realized it’s exactly what we’re about, only sharing moments with the people who care about them.”

Our social networks are plagued with content that we don’t care about from people we hardly know. Baby photos, pictures of food, check-in’s, and a disproportionate amount of cat related posts. However, when you receive this content from people you truly care about, something amazing happens. The same content becomes a delicious lunch, a great trip, a joyous announcement or an inside joke. This is what Bundll does really well; it gives you context to what you are seeing. You are entered into a group that has a natural tone, where you are genuinely interested in what people are sharing and that let’s you ‘be yourself’ (another tag line of the company).

Bundll currently lets you share multiple photos, short videos, locations and thoughts. What’s more, Bundll promises to be free forever, for people that download it now, and to never share or sell your data with anyone. In essence, it is a private social network that will always respect your privacy. Something that should be the rule, not the exception to it.

Bundll certainly isn’t the first to try and crack private sharing, but it is one of the best. Its simplicity and focus on sharing moments makes it a wonderful alternative to the likes of whatsapp groups, which is certainly the most convenient way of group chat. This isn’t about chat though, it’s about sharing life with groups, and Bundll is a great way to do it.

You can download Bundll for iPhone here or register for early access to their android app through their website.

This is a guest post submitted by Bundll.

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