Buying A Canon PowerShot G7 X? 3 Complaints You Need To Know About First

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I love the Canon PowerShot G7 X point-and-shoot camera we use here at DailyTekk. It’s one of our go-to video cameras for shooting product reviews and doing a bit of vlogging (Casey Neistat is one high-profile vlogger who uses this camera). It came highly rated from a variety of sources. People—myself included—like it’s near-DSLR qualities and features (minus the interchangeable lenses, of course). The flip-up screen is incredibly useful for filming yourself without a camera man or for shooting at tough angles.

Maybe at some point I will get around to doing a full review, but in the meantime I did want to point out a few issues that I wish I had known about before our team decided to make this purchase. In the end, for our purposes, these gripes wouldn’t have prevented us from buying the G7 X. No camera is perfect, and for all the great things this Canon does, there are a few flaws that can hopefully be corrected in the next iteration.

But I’d say that you shouldn’t be scared off by the following issues—just aware of them. Especially if you’re comparing the G7 X with the Sony Cyber-shot RX100 III.

Fragile Lens Cover

The Canon G7 X has a less than optimal lens cover. You know those little pieces of plastic that automatically open and shut over the lens when you turn the camera on and off? Ya those. I’m always worried I’m going to break them. This wouldn’t be that big of a deal except that, with a camera this size, the lens cover is right where you’d grab to pick this camera up (or let’s say it’s where you could easily grab without thinking). The word here is delicate. You have to be conscious about where you can grab/touch this camera, for sure.

Poor Battery Life

The battery life on the G7 X is not the greatest—especially if you’re shooting a lot of video. This is not the type of camera that you can use for a couple of days without needing to charge the battery (unless you use it pretty lightly). Here at DailyTekk, we’re needing to charge the battery in-between every video shoot. The features on the camera are so good, though, that we’re not looking back—instead, we opted for purchasing some additional batteries and an extra charger (which only set us back $44 on Amazon with the off-brand).

Autofocus Issues

We have experienced some focusing issues with the G7 X. I’d say that it’s part of this camera’s personality. There are times when the camera seems to focus on the background even when an object/subject is clearly in the frame. If you are trying to get a smooth shot and have to touch the touchscreen to refocus, it can shake the camera. Plus it’s just annoying. This doesn’t always happen; it’s more prone to happen when you are zoomed in for a closer shot or want to get a blurry background. It’s definitely something you can work around or work with, but sometimes a bit of patience is required.


These are pain-in-the-butt issues that Canon definitely needs to fix, but they aren’t detrimental. I do genuinely love to use this camera; it’s portable, capable and does produce killer footage and photos (it’s great in low-light). I wouldn’t let the above complaints stop you in your tracks if you’re heading in the direction of buying the G7 X. It’s still one of the best point-and-shoots out there.

Let me know if you’d like me to write a full review.

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