Review: CARROT Weather Is Supposed To Be Funny—But Is It?

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It seems like there are a million weather apps—doesn’t it? So why would we possibly need another? Well, apparently, we need a weather app that is funny—or at least tries to be funny. That’s what the folks at CARROT believe because they have created a new weather app called CARROT Weather. And they aren’t alone: there are a handful of weather apps trying to be funny including some that cuss and an a weather app from Funny Or Die.

Honestly, I’m plenty happy with my favorite weather app of all-time: Dark Sky. It’s simple, well-designed and as (or more) accurate than other weather apps I’ve tried. But, I fell into the trap of thinking that perhaps a funny weather app could add something to my day by injecting a bit of laughter into my otherwise routine work day.

Unfortunately, CARROT Weather hasn’t made me laugh yet. Here are a number of phrases it has thrown my way trying to get a chuckle out of me:

  • Hey look, I can spot the Dropbox cloud from here!
  • May the force be with you. Unless you like the prequels. Then you can go jump off a bridge.
  • Such clouds. So amaze.
  • I thought I spotted the sun through the clouds, but that was just he meteor that’s going to end all life on earth in approximately 32 seconds.
  • That cloud looks like a baby sloth wearing a hat.
  • Dayman! Fighter of the Nightman! Champion of the sun! You’re a master karate, and friendship, for everyone!
  • That cloud looks like a pregnant hippopotamus.
  • Mammatus clouds look like udders hanging down from other clouds. They portend severe weather and, as such, are my favorite.
  • Is it partly cloudy, or partly sunny?
  • It’s partly cloudy, meatbag.
  • You’re going to take these clouds and you’re going to like them.
  • Meteorologists have no clue what they’re talking about.

What do you think? I say, “Meh.”

And the CARROT voice—the same throughout all CARROT apps—in downright annoying. I hate to say bad things about this app because I know a team of people really put some work into trying to make something people would enjoy; and that shows. But it just isn’t for me.

The interface is okay. Not brilliant, not horrible. I’ve certainly seen worse. You can switch from a short-term forecast to an hourly to a daily. You can also unlock forecasts for “secret” locations such as the Lars Homestead in Tatooine where it is currently 109 degrees (but feels like 115).

If you’re thinking about buying this app, read the “humorous” phrases above and then decide for yourself weather or not it’s worth it (get it?!).

The funniest thing the app has said to me so far is this: “If you own all my counterpart apps, I’ll unlock a secret location for you!” Haha… me, owning the counterparts… that is funny.

There’s definite potential here: I’d rather have the devs unlock that for me (perhaps by hiring Funny Or Die’s writers) than a secret location.

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