Cast is the Best Podcast Production Suite (Tech You Need to Know #3)

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Want to make a podcast? Wondering where to start? Don’t worry, you don’t need a bunch of complicated tools and you don’t need to know any crazy technical details or even how to publish your podcast. You just need Cast. And if you already produce a podcast, wouldn’t it be nice if you could simplify the entire process so you can get more done, quicker and better? Casts is for you too.

Every weekday I write about one new tech product I think the world should know about. I call this the Tech You Need to Know (or TYNTK) series. If you missed yesterday’s article, here’s the link: TelePromptor for Better Public Speaking. Alright, back to today’s article!

I’ve always toyed around with the idea of starting a DailyTekk podcast. I’ve researched it several times, but each time I concluded that it would be too much work for our small team. We’re all stretched to the max as it is. While I could absolutely come up with some creative and interesting content for a podcast and while I’ve got a great mic and our video studio would double nicely as a podcasting studio (though you certainly don’t need that stuff if you’re thinking about starting your own podcast), I’ve never pulled the trigger because of the process. It just seemed too complicated and too scattered. Plus I didn’t want to have to learn a bunch of new tools and strategies and skills. That takes time which, as I’ve mentioned, I’m quite short of these days.

But casts seems to be able to fix nearly all of these issues. It not only simplifies the podcasting process but also unifies it. It combines three tools into one with the Studio, Editor and Publisher interfaces which are all available in one hyper-convenient place.

The Studio looks like it makes recording a podcast episode dead-simple and stupid-easy. Whether it’s just you as the host or whether you’ve got a guest or three sitting in with you (from anywhere in the world, by the way), the Cast Studio keeps the conversation flowing smoothly. Just give your session a title, share the link with any participants and hit the record button. Guests can chat with each other and there’s even a “raise your hand” which will give you dibs for chiming in next without having to say a single word. You’ll also get an ...

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