Cell Phone Insurance: Protect Your Smartphone for $5.99/mo (Wherever You Bought It)

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I’m hard on cell phones — are you? My everyday, go-to phone is the iPhone, but being a tech reviewer there are Android devices laying around and being shipped in for review all the time. I’m hard on them too. I have to be. Life isn’t a pillowy soft experience; if you drop your phone it doesn’t land on a bed of marshmallows, it smashes into the concrete or asphalt. So if you’re looking for the best smartphone insurance (and most affordable as well), I just might have you covered. Keep reading.

Yes, I use phone cases — I review some of the best iPhone cases every single month. Cheap cases, luxury cases, thin cases and cases that could survive getting run over by a tank. But I hate huge iPhone cases with a passion. They’re so ugly and they don’t fit as well in my pocket. I like cases that look like they’re barely there; minimal cases. The only problem with them is that they tend to leave parts of my phone exposed. So if I drop it, it will mostly be protected, but perhaps not all the way.

I just sent my iPhone 6 Plus back to T-Mobile in order to get my new iPhone 6s (bad experience by the way; T-Mobile offers a pretty miserable trade-in experience). When I sent it back it had some scratches, dings, dents and might have been every so slightly bent. That’s what happened to it within 1 year of normal use. With cases. And one day it slipped out of my pocket and the screen got cracked. I took it to the Apple Store and had it replaced (which wasn’t cheap).

So the idea of smartphone insurance sounds pretty good to me. Insurance, it sometimes seems, is a scam: until you need it. Carriers like ATT, Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile do offer insurance, but it’s either expensive or, frankly, I don’t like dealing with them. Carriers always have their best interest at heart, not yours. That’s why I’d just assume work with a third party like Protect Your Bubble (which is part of Assurant).

I just heard about them Today actually when an associate emailed me about them. Get this: for $5.99/mo ALL of your devices are covered. Not one, but ALL! You won’t get that from your carrier. Claims are resolved in 1 day and liquid damage, cracked screens, accidental damage and mechanical breakdowns are all covered. AppleCare itself and SquareTrade are both more expensive each month.

And for all you techies out there they also offer Tablet Protection, Electronics Protection and even Appliance Protection.

Like I said, you don’t need it until you do. I know there are several times when I could have used this.

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