Charity Toolbox: 100+ Nonprofit-Specific Tech Tools (Categorized)

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Since I not only work for a nonprofit but am also in the process of starting my own nonprofit, I’ve been doing some research into some useful tech tools in the social sector. In my search I ran across a few list posts that either (a) mentioned only a few tools or (b) mentioned tools that were really just business tools that nonprofits could also use. Since neither scenario offered me an easy-to-bookmark motherlode/jackpot scenario that fulfilled my craving for nonprofit-specific tech tools, I set out to create a useful list of my own. Trust me when I say it wasn’t easy. I spent a good 6-7 hours of my free time researching, typing and linking but I feel like my effort paid off since I discovered dozens of new tools I had never heard of before including a few that are still in private beta testing (denoted as coming soon). It should be known that I left quite a few sites out because they had designs that looked like they were from the very beginning of the Internet (design is important to me). If I missed anything good let me know in the comments!

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  1. – Social fundraising made easy for everyone.
  2. HelpersUnite – Connecting artistic projects, business and charity.
  3. CauseVox – Build beautiful fundraising sites quickly and easily.
  4. Fundly – Social fundraising platform.
  5. Causecast (for nonprofits) – Free cause marketing and fundraising tools.
  6. Givey – Cost-effecetive, gift-aided donations through social media and SMS.
  7. Pinkdingo – Enabling recurring donations (coming soon)
  8. MyCharityBox – Easily collect donations online.
  9. Philanthroper – Daily deals site / non-profit donations mashup.
  10. Charity Engine – Changing the world one bit at a time.
  11. Sevenly – Tee-shirts that raise money for charity.
  12. 1% of Nothing – Inspiring early-stage corporate philanthropy (coming soon).
  13. Give2gether – Effective and simple online fundraising.
  14. Flipgive – A better way to run fundraising campaigns (coming soon).
  15. Razoo – Online fundraising and donations for nonprofits (at 2.9%).

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