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If you search for PSD to HTML services in Google, you’ll easily find enough services to make your head spin. Many claim to be the best. Many claim to be the cheapest. Claims are one thing: backing them up with real work as proof is something else entirely.

Well today I’m here to provide some proof for Chop Chop, a design to HTML shop that specializes in high-quality, hand-coded, cross-browser compatible HTML and CSS markup. After researching as many PSD to HTML companies as I could, I recently hired Chop Chop to handle the markup of a recent DailyTekk redesign.

I was very, very impressed with Chop Chop from pre-hire through post-follow-up.

Excellent Customer Service

Before I get into the quality and expertise of Chop Chop, I want to mention their customer service. Because nothing else matters if a company you work with has poor or non-existent customer service. In my mind it’s THE main distinguisher when it comes to service oriented jobs.

Chop Chop has excellent customer service. Before I had even hired them, they attentively and patiently addressed my questions to ensure I was comfortable with what I would be purchasing. This thoroughness carried through from project start until project end (and even after the project was technically completed).

Although they work from the opposite site of the globe (DailyTekk is based in the USA and Chop Chop is based in Poland), they were very responsive both in terms of communication and in terms of getting actual work done and changes made in a timely manner.

Every email a Chop Chop representative sent me was detailed, to-the-point and—importantly—quite friendly. I can truly say it was a joy communicating with their team.

Capable Markup and Technical Skills

I would say that the work I hired Chop Chop to complete was not “typical.” It was more than a simple template and I’m quite sure they have never been asked to do something quite like we asked them to do: create a social voting system that ran purely on WordPress and integrated into the rest of the site.

Chop Chop didn’t even blink when we described the project which is one trait I really appreciate about their shop: you can ask for something and they’ll make it happen. You don’t have to worry about whether or not they can get it done—you can count on them being able to get it done.

I haven’t had any technical problems with the code produced by Chop Chop. There were some (expected) bugs to iron out, as there have been with any project I have ever worked with developers on (which is normal and to be expected), but that is where Chop Chop’s incredible customer service came in.

After the initial programming was done, their lead developer even sent me a kind thank you note saying that they enjoyed working on this challenging project!

Detail Oriented

Details matter to Chop Chop. That’s important, because details matter to me and they probably matter to you.

When I started my project with Chop Chop, I provided a very long, very detailed overview of what I wanted. Actually, as communication continued, I provided many such emails to them. And guess what? They nailed every detail. I even went through with a “fine tooth comb” to check on a few details I thought might have been overlooked… Nope! Chop Chop implemented everything I asked for—and then some.

Great Problem Solvers

I suppose this could fit in under customer service, but it deserves it’s own category because it’s that important. Chop Chop is great at problem solving. Sometimes, as with any coding project (and all the more so as they get more complex), unforeseen issues can arise. One such issue did arise having to do with our hosting.

Immediately Chop Chop was on the ball and dove into the issue and had it cleared up quickly. I was glad to find out they were fully capable of handling the issue and didn’t shirk the responsibility onto the hosting company. They dove in, no questions asked, and fixed it, which I appreciated immensely.

Very Flexible

I love how flexible Chop Chop is. It’s one of the main reasons I went with them over their competition in the first place. They are flexible beyond the fact that they work with PSD, PNG, EPS and AI files and beyond the fact that they work with WordPress, Shopify, Drupal and other CMS. That represents their set of services… but I mean that they are very flexible in general.

My favorite web and app design program happens to Sketch 3 and when I did a search for Sketch 3 to HTML I couldn’t find any websites that advertised that specific service. So I did some checking. And, behold, Chop Chop said it would be no problem. This saved me a LOT of time because I would have had to convert my design to Photoshop to work with any of the other companies I was considering.

Additionally, there were a few times when I needed to changes made that were not part of my original Sketch file. Chop Chop was able to make a number of these changes for me at no additional cost, although they did protect their business by letting me know what they would have to charge extra for (and indeed I did decide to purchase an extra feature because I had already had such a delightful experience with them).

I’d say that this sort of flexibility is paramount for markup services and Chop Chop really shines in this department. They really made me feel like they weren’t out to gouge me or get me to spend more money than I wanted or had the budget for. And that really built my trust in them.

In fact, they are so flexible (and confident in their ability to deliver exactly what you need) that they offer a 100% money back guarantee. I wouldn’t order from anyone that didn’t.


And then there are the extras. It’s the little things that make working with Chop Chop a pleasure. The price calculator on their homepage that lets you know about costs upfront without having to talk to a single soul. The ability to Skype if email communication just won’t cut it. FREE support for 30 days above and beyond any extra support you might purchase. And, importantly, a non-disclosure agreement. We had Chop Chop develop some proprietary code for us—it’s comforting to know they won’t be hawking it to other customers or talking about it with potential competitors.


I couldn’t recommend Chop Chop any higher for their PSD (and Sketch) to HTML services. They are smart, friendly, fair and capable experts who deserve your business. And no, they aren’t the cheapest, but as you know, you really do get what you paid for. In this case I’d say the price was perfect. Thank you for a job more than well done, Chop Chop! In my eyes Chop Chop is the best PSD to WordPress service out there.

Disclosure: I made an arrangement with Chop Chop to trade some writing in exchange for some coding. Although this post is part of that arrangement, I mean every word of it—Chop Chop is amazing!

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