Clair BG2025 Air Purifier Review: Stylish, Quiet, Convenient

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Whether you live in the city or in the country, today’s air quality is increasingly alarming. Exhaust from trucks, a neighbor that smokes, fumes from industrial farms and, well, your basic cloud of pollution.

It’s all the stuff I listed above that makes a person like myself like the idea of an air filter. But “air filters” seem like “old” technology. My grandparents had an air filter. They aren’t sleek and modern, it’s a pain to change the actual filters, they can cause the air in your home to actually smell worse, they can be loud, expensive and it can be hard to tell if they even do anything. Right?

Well, in many cases, yes. But not in all. I’ve been testing out an air filter that feels like it can be rightly classified as “new” technology. My grandparents didn’t have this kind of an air filter. It’s sleek and modern, it’s not a pain to change the filters (which last over a year, by the way), it doesn’t have a “smell” to it, it’s not loud, it doesn’t add much to my electricity bill and if you close it up in a clear box filled with smoke it will filter it out right before your eyes.

I’m talking about the Clair BF2025. It’s a Korean-made product (which really gives it some character—I love the Korean writing on the box… it makes it feel a bit exotic) and most Americans probably aren’t familiar with the company. I know I wasn’t. But, as regular readers know, I love introducing my audience to great new brands and products.

Straight off of the box, let me give you a rundown of the feature list:

  • Removes viruses, mold, fungi and bacteria.
  • The e2f filter collects ultrafine particles that would otherwise enter your lungs.
  • Clair reoves harmful materials such as CO, exhaust gases (NOx, SOx), formaldehyde (I feel especially bad for anyone living with that in their home) and VOCs.
  • Doesn’t produce secondary hazardous substances.
  • Has a negligable impact on your electricity bill even with continuous use.
  • Convenient one button operation.

This is one stylish, quiet, convenient air filter. I wish I had been using it for years.

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