Coffee Tech: The 10 Coolest and Best NEW Coffee Makers on the Planet!

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Before you get any further into this article let me just say that if you don’t look at the last coffee machine on this list, which is truly the epitome of a smart (Internet-connected) coffee machine, then you’re truly missing out. Also, make time to view our list of the 8 best coffee subscription services. Alright, with that out of the way if you’re looking for a smart, good-looking, luxury, affordable, high-tech or low-tech coffee maker, you’re absolutely in the right place. Ever since someone gave me some cold brew coffee bags to try a few weeks back I’ve been in a major coffee mood and it was inevitable that I would wind up making a coffee tech roundup.

Now there are a LOT of coffee makers out there. Amazon alone lists more than 5,000! And I’m sure you’re wondering exactly how different coffee machines can be, right? Well the answer is: VERY different. And I guarantee that there are plenty of amazing coffee makers here in this article that will blow your mind; stuff you’ve never seen before (or maybe could never even have dreamt up). That’s because, as always here on DailyTekk, we do our best to try to bring you only the newest, freshest, hottest gadgets in a curated format that will help you make the most informed buying decisions possible in the least amount of time.

Anything you think we’re missing from this list?

Smarter Coffee


Right now, just thinking about the Smarter Coffee machine, I’m practically drooling. Maybe it’s the fact that this coffee machine is “smart” and connects to the Internet and is controlled by an app. Maybe it’s the fact that Smart Coffee can start brewing a cup of coffee for me the moment I walk through the door. Maybe it’s the fact that I can adjust the strength of the coffee using my phone. I can’t decide but I’m in love with the idea of this machine. Finally, coffee and tech are together at last.

Clive Ratio Eight Coffee Machine


The Ratio Eight coffee machine is a thoroughbred luxury coffee maker. While we’ll get to some more affordable options below, drink in these awesome features: consistently delivers water at the ideal temperature of 200°, uses a unique showerhead design to uniformly saturate the coffee grounds, no programming, automatically detects amount of water in tank (whether enough for a single cup ...

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