Creative T4 Wireless Speakers Review — A 2.1 System with BIG Sound

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Last week I unboxed the Creative T4 Wireless Speakers on an episode of The Blog Vlog and I couldn’t wait to get them out of the studio and into my house to try them out. Of all the amazing gadgets I see on a weekly, or even daily, basis, the Creative T4 Wireless speakers had me as excited as I’ve ever been about a gadget since I started DailyTekk back in 2012. The reason behind the excitement is very simple: this is a very capable and versatile sound system that won’t break the bank. Translation: it sounds good, I can use it just about anywhere in my home or office and it’s affordable.

The top 3 features of the Creative T4 Wireless are as follows: The satellite speakers are a very nice, compact size, the subwoofer is powerful and adjustable and the Audio Control Pod offers easy connectivity and control.

Let’s cut right to the chase: the Creative T4 Wireless speakers are currently available for just $199 on Creative’s website. And I’ll tell you right now: if you’re looking for the best Bluetooth speaker system at or under the $200 price point and you don’t need a portable speaker, I’d 100% recommend the Creative T4 Wireless. I’ve tried Bluetooth speakers from Bose, Libratone, Ultimate Ears, House of Marley, Grace Digital and the list goes on. While I like many of those speakers, none of them come close to having the output of the Creative T4 Wireless — especially when it comes to bass. Seriously: not even close.

The Creative T4 Wireless speakers were unboxed in the following episode of The Blog Vlog:

But while the Creative T4 Wireless may be priced in the portable Bluetooth speaker range — and you certainly can use it as a Bluetooth speaker — this speaker setup is far more capable. Unlike even the very nicest Bluetooth speakers (I’m thinking about my Bose SoundTouch) I’ve used in the past, the Creative T4 Wireless can connect to my TV. And that’s the most exciting use case for me: the sweet spot.

A person could definitely use these speakers for just about anything around the house. They’d make an excellent set of computer speakers. You could also hook up your turntable, you hipster, thanks to the variety of possible connections. Or you could simply use these speakers to listen to music as a standalone wireless sound system....

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