If Creativity is Currency, Are You Broke?

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Is your business merely existing? Can your actions and accomplishments be described as “next-level?” If you answered, “Yes,” and then, “No,” to these questions in that order, you are probably operating in a creativity-starved environment, void of fulfillment and top-tier performance. Creativity actually has a very direct and tangible impact on business, and not just in the creative sector (advertising, for example). Creativity can turn an otherwise lackluster and bland product, campaign, office atmosphere or presentation into something sensational. Creativity can produce fatter profits, happier employees and a better public image.

For all of the obvious benefits that creativity brings, it seems as if the majority of the business world too often relies on “proven” methods, falls into a rut and quits innovating. This is probably most often the case in mature campanies where the atmosphere and personnel may seem more like a museum rather than a movement. Yet it doesn’t have to be that way. I’ve asked some of the most creative people I could find to define creativity, to explain what it means to them, to explain how to facilitate it and what the results can be.

When it comes to social media (one of my personal passions and a frequent subject of this blog), creativity is an often overlooked, but essential, piece of finding success. Outside of social media, many business sectors are badly lacking in creativity and I hope this post can help to inspire leaders to lead more effectively and equip workers to lobby for a more creative environment. Do you have any ideas or insights on creativity that you’d like to add? If so, leave us a comment!

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Combine Creativity and Simplicity for Powerful Results

Contributed by: Leslie Berland, SVP, Digital Partnerships and Development, American Express

To me, creativity is not centered around a skill-set but rather a state of mind and being empowered to think freely. There are tons of creative ideas expressed daily in so many different ways—but if they aren’t realistic, achievable or executable, there is little power in them. I find the most creative ideas are often the most simple. We live in a very noisy and information-cluttered world, true creativity becomes apparent if you can figure out a way to break through with a simple and powerful idea. The only way to truly foster creativity and innovation is ...

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