Culer AC100 Personal Space Cooler Review

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If you’ve never been in a video studio, you wouldn’t realize that you can’t be running anything that makes loud noises — including air conditioning or fans — because microphones are super sensitive and pick up an incredible amount of sound. You also wouldn’t know that certain filming setups include lots of lighting; and sometimes the lights used produce quite a bit of heat. It’s a recipe for cooking actors, producers, film crew, etc.

The DailyTekk video studio gets really, really hot in the summer under certain filming conditions. That made it the perfect environment to test out the Culer AC100 space cooler (buy on Amazon for free shipping). Now it’s not in the name, but we think this product should be renamed to include the word personal because that’s exactly what it is, in reality: a personal space cooler (as opposed to a cooler than can cool an entire space). In fact, a representative from the company told me they were considering such a change.

But a personal space cooler is ideal for many people in many situations. Until I ran into the Culer AC100 I’d never even heard of a personal space cooler, although I was very familiar with personal space heaters. Apparently it’s easier to produce heat than cool for such a situation.

So what is the AC100? It’s a device that uses what the company calls Flow Blurring technology to create an evaporative cooling effect. If the word evaporative didn’t tip you off already, it works by using a fan to spray out a fine mist of water. It’s meant to be somewhat portable, has a few adjustable speeds, can be aimed in any direction and can be used both inside or outside. It doesn’t use much power (low-voltage) and is therefore more eco-friendly than some of the competition and, thanks to tucked away fans, is pretty kid-friendly (they won’t get their fingers caught in the blades). The 1 gallon tank will provide cooling for up to 10 hours. The AC100 retails for $229.95.

So how does the technology inside work? The Flow Blurring tech apparently works by atomizing the water sprayed out by the machine. Essentially this means that Culer products should be able to make the water they are blowing out start to evaporate immediately. So, in theory, they should be more effective than traditional swamp coolers or misting coolers. So ...

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