Cult of Mac writer: “If you’re like me, you hate OS X’s dock”

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I recently read this on Cult of Mac’s website:

If you’re like me, you hate OS X’s Dock. While a useful UI innovation on Apple’s part, the dock takes up a surprising amount of screen real estate on what, in the end, adds up to a superfluous amount of visual fluff.

It was a piece covering a product called StatusDuck. StatusDuck replaces Mac’s Dock along the bottom of the screen with icons in the Menu Bar. Note StatusDuck’s the highly polished website.

First of all, how can a writer for Cult of Mac—a site devoted to all things Apple—”hate” OS X’s Dock feature? And how can he hate something he calls useful in the next sentence?

I’m also astonished the learn that he believes the dock takes up “a surprising amount of screen real estate.” As in, surprisingly small? What magnification setting is he using: Max?

I mean, what does the author want? A start button?

To me this feels like an article that is desperately trying to fill a writing quota. I would doubt this author has any design experience. He has no idea what it is like to build a product.

Sure, he’s entitled to his opinion… but why is he writing for a Mac site that has the word cult in it? In case you needed a refresher, a cult is a system of veneration and devotion directed toward a figure or object. Hmm.

Can you imagine if Mac OS X shipped with a StatusDuck-like interface, rather than the Dock? It would be a laughing stock.

Come on Cult of Mac… you can do better than this.

Normally I enjoy reading Cult of Mac… just not this particular article.

And StatusDuck may be useful for some people.

But I can’t see how anyone would say they could “hate” OS X’s Dock.

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