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Daan Weddepohl is founder and CEO of Peerby, an iOS app and website that enables people to borrow the things they need from others in their neighborhood.


FOCUS! One can only do a few things really well. Coming up with things to do is easy. Figuring out what to do first is the hard part.


I decided to do more exercise and yoga. Seriously.


I’m not sure if it’s sustainable, but for us PR is a major driver of traffic. Giving people an amazing experience makes for great stories. And the press loves stories.


We try to keep the workplace PRO; Personal, Rewarding and Optimistic. People need to feel connected, valued and have fun. We only hire people we think are fun to work with.


I never feel really satisfied with productivity. I always feel like we should be moving faster. That’s not advice, that’s just the way I feel. What helps me to be more productive personally is the Getting Things Done method.


We need local critical mass. Our very first customers where friends. We just invited our local Facebook friends to become a Peerby member. Next steps included spreading flyers door to door and working with neighborhood organizations and papers. All very local.


ALWAYS build a minimal version first. Don’t over engineer. You don’t need advanced features, you don’t need cool technology. If your solution is solving an actual problem a minimal version is good enough to start with.


After selling my first company I went to drama school. 90% of what you communicate doesn’t come out of your mouth. Being aware of you body language and tone of voice is invaluable for doing convincing presentations and meetings.


When we were invited to do our deciding pitch for all the partners of a VC firm we turned up at the right time, but in the wrong place. It turned out we were supposed to meet at their office in another city. We hailed a cab, rushed there, were an hour too late and had to pitch to a disgruntled team. We did close the deal in the end. 🙂

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