Daily Tech Find: Cam Caddie DSLR Stabilizer

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Check out the Scorpion from Cam Caddie: a universal DSLR and video camera stabilizer meant to help you shoot some serious video footage. It was originally developed for filming skateboarding sessions, but I’m guessing it will be appealing to many other sorts of folks too. Thanks to a grippy polymer handle it’s easy to balance the Scorpion on your finger tips for versatile maneuvering. It even works with iPhones! What I definitely like about the Scorpion is the price: $39.99. One other camera stabilizer that I know of that works with iPhones costs $200. The Scorpion is actually more than a simple handle for your camera. It’s also a shield of sorts, protecting your camera during close ground filming. You can definitely add the Scorpion to my wish list. For people who really want some cool features, check out the Scorpion EX is compatible with multiple accessories when used with the Cheese Plate/tripod mount.

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