Daily Tech Find: Nike+ Fuel Band

Nike Plus Fuel Band
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Nike Plus Fuel BandIt goes without saying that to work well you need to be healthy. Since I’d like to get more fit (who wouldn’t?) and happen to work for an organization that cares about health and reimburses employees for exercising, I’ve been drooling about the soon-to-be-released Nike+ Fuel Band. It’s a great way to keep your fitness goals in the front of your mind. For me, the more I track something the more likely I am to take action, so the Fuel Band seems likely to be more than just a fashion accessory.

Like many health gadgets these days, the Nike+ Fuel band connects to your smartphone or computer to display stats and historical data.

Available on February 22 and costing $149, the Nike+ Fuel band has 100 LED lights that act as a display. The device lets you view how many calories you have burned along with how many steps you have taken and see how far along you have come for your daily fitness goal.

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