Daily Tech Find: Tylt PowerPlant Portable Battery Backup for Mobile Phones

Tylt PowerPlant
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Tylt PowerPlantHave you ever run out of battery life on your phone at just the wrong time? I certainly have. The Tylt PowerPlant backup battery is here to fix that. Get this: the PowerPlant’s high capacity battery can fully charge your cell phone twice over and can hold a charge for over a year. That’s pretty cool. Whoever designed this bad boy deserves to win an industrial design award for the fold-out flex micro USB charging cable that peels away from the side of the device to hook up to your phone. If you’re looking for a second life for a drained iPad or other tablet in addition to the ability to add 12 hours of extra talk time to your phone when you’re in a pinch, the Tylt may be the perfect solution for you. Plus, you can’t go wrong with black and hot green… right?

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