DailyTekk Find: Flea3 4K Video Camera, Beyond Hi-Def

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Tweet! The Flea3 4k video camera goes beyond hi-def on the “cheap.” Goodbye 1080p, hello 4k!

$945 | BUY | SOURCE

Cool: The resolution on this bad boy is a full 4096 x 2160. Wow. At 8.8 megapixels, this camera is poised to take your video to the next level. Compared to other “high-def” cameras, the Flea3 wouldn’t be considered cheap, yet for what it does it’s at the low end of the pricing spectrum at $945. Goodbye, 1080p, hello 4k!

Useful: USB 3 makes video transfer relatively quick and an included tripod mount adapter means you can get setup right out of the box. Plus, this thing is tiny; it packs up and travels oh so nicely.

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