DailyTekk: The First 6 Months

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Wow, this has been quite a ride so far. DailyTekk started as a way to share cool “tech finds” with coworkers and has grown dramatically over 6 months and we’ve already hit some pretty big milestones. Old school media has shown us some love; we’ve been linked to by The New York Times and The Guardian (UK). We’ve also been tweeted about by Internet celebs like Guy Kawasaki (of Alltop) and Craig Newmark (of Craigslist). Even New Orleans Saints defensive back Malcolm Jenkins couldn’t resist giving us a shout-out on Twitter.

We’ve enjoyed a 3 month partnership with SAY Media (home to ReadWriteWeb, gdgt, Techdirt, Android and Me and Gear Patrol among other sites) as a tech network member and are excited to begin a deeper relationship as an exclusive and featured tech property. SAY’s tech network reaches over 50 million digital influencers! It’s great to see quality ads on the site from top brands like BMW and Porsche.

Aside from SAY Media, we’ve also cultivated a number of other interesting partnerships. We’ve held 8 giveaways working with brands like Rule.fm and Less Code. CustomerSure provided us with free access to their customer service platform. Soshi Games created a branded DailyTekk stage in their Music Festivals Facebook game. xAd contributes a weekly mobile roundup column and New-Startups has been featuring select content in their network.

Site Stats

Our most popular article do date has been 100 Ways to Discover and Enjoy Music which accounts for a whopping 21% of total pageviews and has been stumbled more than 80k times! The site’s highest traffic day came on April 18 with 12,705 unique visitors and 17,550 unique page views.

33.5% of traffic came from search engines, 39.9% from referrals and 26% from direct. The top 5 countries visiting the site were the United States (53.6%), United Kingdom (7.4%), Canada (5.9%), Australia (3%) and India (2.8%).

Chrome stole the crown as the most used browser with 35.8% of visits followed by Firefox with 23.8% and Safari with 17.5%. A full 21% of readers viewed the site from a mobile device. Of those mobile surfers, iPhone and iPad users made up 70.2%. The average user spent just over 3 minutes on the site.

Alexa offers a few different insights. On Alexa, DailyTekk ranks as the 51,624th most popular site in the world (25,356th most popular in the US). The estimated percentage of global Internet users who visit the site is up 174% over the last 3 months.

Fun Facts

  • We’ve catalogued over 2,000 individual products/sites/services in our comprehensive roundups.
  • I have received 10+ free tee shirts from grateful brands happy to be featured on the site.
  • We’ve interviewed 12 awesome innovators from companies like WPP, Zappos, Hipmunk and Grooveshark.
  • The top 5 tags on the site include: Gadgets, Social Media, iPhone, Android and iPad.

It has definitely been fun to watch DailyTekk grow. Thank you, readers, for your continued support and interaction. What is your take on the site so far after 6 months? Do you have any feedback or suggestions?

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