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Dan Schwartz is the Co-Founder and COO of New York based RUN, a mobile-focused ad tech product company, offering cross-screen media buying and up to the second analytics.


You should be concerned if people aren’t doubting you. Bottle that skepticism, as it’s fuel for growth, while resisting the urge to fall in love with yourself by thinking critically. If you understand your own gaps, you’ll be better able to fill them.


In the world of ad-tech, conventional wisdom says that you need to raise money to build a product that will then (hopefully) lead to revenue. Conventional wisdom isn’t that wise and can’t hold a candle to counter-intuitive thought in action. We built something out of nothing – a business first and funded our technical development by pumping the proceeds of the business back in to build products that didn’t exist in market.


I had an advertising sales job which I built based on strategic partnerships. I was able to work from home, which was pretty sweet and it became quite lucrative. I loved it – but you have to be willing to give up something good in order to arrive at something truly great.


Self funded and profitable from day one. Two years in, we recently took outside funding for the first time – we didn’t need to, but wanted to do so for strategic reasons. The lesson: not all money is created equal. As a mobile-focused ad tech company, we partnered with the most reputable player in the game: Verizon.


Relationships. As exchange based media buying began to percolate, we identified a need/opportunity to corral the unwieldy ad tech ecosystem for clients-to-be based on these relationships that were cultivated across a decade. The world of tech is still reliant on personal relationships, thankfully. Doing right be people, quite literally, pays.


We’ve created demand by telling the truth! A novel concept in ad tech. We pride ourselves on surfacing campaign data instantly, with an intuitive platform that empowers our partners – and a planning/ops team that prioritizes parts of the buy/sell process that have been neglected or overlooked by most players in the space. Tech + Ops = the RUN way.


We’ve worked hard to create and maintain a collaborative, team-oriented work atmosphere. No one sits in offices, we’re all out in the open and we have a lot of fun ...

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