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David Bladow is the co-founder and CEO of BloomThat, a better way to send flowers.


Simplification. Our philosophy is that people are willing to sacrifice choice for a curated, convenient experience.


We look at weekly growth really closely. With every task with we take on, we apply a single question…. “Is this going to help us grow 10% this week over the trailing week?” Of course, the answer isn’t always yes but it helps us stay focused on doing things that propel the growth of the company.


One of our customers sent flowers to his girlfriend for her birthday. In the special instructions, he had requested a birthday song with the flower delivery. The BloomThat founding team took this as a personal challenge. We showed up, flowers in hand as a founding team and serenaded her with a BloomThat happy birthday song that she certainly won’t forget.


Convince yourself first. If you’re trying to sell someone else, before convincing yourself… you don’t stand a chance. People can sense genuine conviction and confidence. If you have it, you’re golden…. if you don’t, you’re toast.


First customers were definitely friends and friends of friends. We whipped up an MVP and an email blast to the 30-40 people we knew who might care a little bit about what we were doing and we pushed out a “Beta Love Flowers” invite. Inviting people to send flowers for next to nothing. From there, it’s been about focusing on the product and the customer.


The toughest part, is in the very beginning when you have an “idea” and nothing else. Lots of people have “ideas.” Pushing through that period is the most crucial because, most people don’t have the guts to take that leap. Putting yourself out there with a product that is so minimally developed that it’s almost embarrassing… but continuing to proceed with the understanding that every journey starts with the first step out of your comfort zone.


Traction. Focus on growth and your customers. Build something that is investable and it should make it much easier to raise funding.


  1. Very few people say no to free flowers…. it can open a lot of doors.
  2. There’s almost always a back door.
  3. Just ask for what you want.


I would say that naiveté/foolishness was an essential ingredient in allowing me to make it this far. If I would have known just how naive I was at every turn of my journey, there’s no way I would have continued pushing forward and made it to this point. There are much worse combinations than hungry and foolish… :)


It’s always darkest before the dawn. Keep pushing through and surround yourself with people who believe in you regardless of the fleeting belief you have in yourself. Those people will help keep you going til you get your swagger back!

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