100 More Ways to Discover and Enjoy Music

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With over 600k social shares, the original 100 Ways to Discover and Enjoy Music post easily became DailyTekk’s most popular article—ever. Now, around a year and a half later, we’re bringing you a follow-up post: this is part 2. The original post contained some incredible music resources, many of which you are familiar with (Spotify, Pandora, Shazam, etc.). This go around, I’ll bet that 99% of the services here you haven’t yet heard of… meaning you’re going to love digging into this post (Twitter #music is probably the notable exception). Have fun—and be sure to let me know what I missed in the comments below.



  1. #Music – Unearth popular and emerging music on Twitter.
  2. Playground.fm – Listen to handmade playlists created by music lovers.
  3. Set.fm – Discover amazing live recordings.
  4. Preamp – Discover live music in your city.
  5. Music Impacts – Music discovery based on deep personal impact, not popularity.
  6. Soundwave – Discover music your friends are listening to.
  7. Discovr – Discover and share the music you love on your iPhone.
  8. Torch Music – Customized recommendations based on listening history.
  9. BAMM.TV – Find emerging artists.
  10. Beastmode.fm – Random music to make you happy.



  1. Songdrop – Play music from anywhere. Collect and share.
  2. Bop.fm – Play any song. Use any music service. Share with any friend.
  3. Omny – Your personal radio. Mix your radio, music, news and more.
  4. Rara – Ad-free music on all your devices.
  5. iTunes Radio – Create stations and stream on all your devices.
  6. Xbox Music Pass – Unlimited music wherever you go.
  7. Tunebox – Music player for Dropbox.
  8. Radical.FM – Streaming music programmed by hand, not engineers.
  9. Jango – Free music—Internet radio that plays what you want.
  10. Magnatune – Listen to a unique collection of music.



  1. Rithm – Send songs to your friends.
  2. Mindie – Share life through music video (in seconds).
  3. Listn – Listen to your friends music for free.
  4. Tinysong – Perfect for tweetin’ songs.
  5. Cumulus.fm – Collect and share your music discoveries.
  6. Bloom.fm – Borrow whatever music you want (UK, for now).
  7. TwitMusic – Share music, concerts, photos and videos.
  8. MyStream – Share your music, not your headphones.
  9. TastemakerX – Become a music tastemaker.
  10. Fair Share Music – “You download, we donate.”

Just Plain Cool…


  1. Ambify – Turn music into light.
  2. Lisnr – Discover more from your audio. Unlock extra content.
  3. Musigram – Say it with music.
  4. Groove – Rediscover and

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