Dog & Bone LockSmart Bluetooth padlock review

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If there’s ever a chance for me to turn something “stupid” around the house into something “smart,” I’m all over it. So when I learned about the Dog & Bone Locksmart Bluetooth padlock I knew I had to do a review. Why? I’ve got a padlock on the side gate to by backyard but all it does it act as a lock. The Locksmart, on the other hand, uses Bluetooth to unlock wirelessly (and without a physical key) and keeps a history of who has accessed whatever has been under it’s protection.

Setup, Charging, Pairing and the App

Setting up the Locksmart is relatively painless and simple. Unbox it, charge it using the included USB cord (and yes, it feels a bit weird/cool charging a hunk of metal), download the Locksmart app, pair your phone(s) with the lock and lock something up.

The Locksmart I tested wasn’t fully charged and ready to go right out of the box. I left it to charge for a few hours before testing it out because this is one device that needs to be a full capacity before being put into use. That’s because it has a two year (or up to two year) battery life before needing a recharge — and it only makes sense to maximize that time from the first use.

I’m happy to report that this device comes with a nice app that is clean, bright and simple. As I’ve said plenty of times before, many of the apps for smart home devices around my house are junk.

When you open the app you’ll see a list of your Smartlocks and an option to add another. Clicking on a particular lock gives you the opportunity to unlock it, shows you how much battery life is left, lets you share a “key” with other people, shows you an activity log and gives you access to that lock’s settings.

I love being able to scan my fingerprint (at least using an iPhone — didn’t test it with any Android devices) to unlock.

Toughness and Security

I’m no lock expert, but the fact that there’s actually no physical keyhole to be picked would definitely seem to bode well for arguing this lock is more secure than it’s “dumb” peers. That said, since it is digital it probably has some sort of hackable vulnerability. I don’t know that for a fact, but I have to assume: the creator of popular password app 1Password repeatedly says anyone who tells you something is 100% safe is lying.

But here’s the deal as far as I’m concerned. Unless the government is coming after you, this lock is probably 99.99% secure — that’s my estimate. At least that’s how much I would trust it, based on what I know. And what I know is that it uses strong encryption.

In terms of the locking mechanism itself… what can I say? It’s made out of really strong steel. Could a person potentially use bolt cutters or some other crazy contraption to break through the lock? I suppose. But no other lock out there is going to be any better.

What I do like — and what is very important for a lock with brains – is the fact that it’s weatherproof. Rain, snow, hot and cold temps: the Locksmart can essentially take them all. It’s tough.

Probably the biggest vulnerability this lock has is it’s owner forgetting to charge it. At the end of the day, you don’t want to have the lock run out of juice while it’s locked onto something… that would be a very bad thing. Fortunately, you’ll get alerts via the app that let you know it’s time to recharge. So pay attention. And don’t lose that charging cable…

Locking and Unlocking

This paragraph probably doesn’t really need it’s own section header, but seeing how it’s the main function of this device I’m inclined to give it one.

Locking the Locksmart is easy. Click it into place and walk away. Unlocking the Locksmart using the app is equally easy. There’s really nothing else to say except that 1.) it works really well (I’ve never had any issues) and 2.) it’s fun to use. When I first tried unlocking the lock I kept locking and unlocking it for several minutes straight because it was just that fun.


I’m impressed with the Locksmart from lock to app. Thinking it over, there’s really nothing I would change (except perhaps wanting a longer battery life or a better backup system just in case some unforeseeable event caused me to not be able to unlock the lock). If you are looking for a padlock (smart or dumb), I’d have to recommend the Dog & Bone Locksmart as something to at least check out. This is a very high-quality, thoroughly thought-out product.

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