DoorBot: The Video Doorbell for Your Smarthome

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Ding-dong. Who’s at your door? You don’t know. You gotta go peek through the blinds… but wait, they might spot you. What if it is some pesky religious group? Or a salesman? On the other hand, what if it’s a girl scout with your annual cookie hookup?! Let this be a dilemma no longer. If you buy a DoorBot, you’ll know exactly who is at your door. DoorBot pipes video of who is standing on your front doorstep directly to your smartphone or tablet. Now… if only it could make the sound of an angry barking dog… This is one of the coolest home accessories I have ever seen.

DoorBot was invented by James Siminoff who says it was inspired by his wife. “She has always hated to answer the door at night when I am not home. She now does it from her iPad mini when she is at the house and loves it. There’s nothing better than having a satisfied customer; especially when it is your wife. “We work in my garage and missed every visitor and package that came to the door. We could not hear the doorbell. Also, when we looked into the idea, there was not a product on the market that really solved our issues, so we built one.”

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