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In 2012 I wrote an article titled Men Hate Buying Clothes, But These Sites Make Clothes Shopping Look Good in which I said, “There’s nothing worse than shopping for clothes… am I right?” Well that was before I had ever heard of what has now become by favorite maker of men’s dress clothes: Ministry of Supply.

I’m not kidding when I say I actually love this brand’s clothes. They are, without a doubt, the coolest (I mean that in both ways), best-fitting, high-quality and technically well-thought-out dress clothes I’ve ever worn. Seriously—if you want to feel like James Bond, Ministry of Supply is a great place to start. Why? Two words: style and features. Yes, you read that right… clothes with features.

These are exactly the type of clothes I’d wear on a long flight. Comfy, wrinkle-free and stain-resistant.

It all began with the following email from a PR representative which immediately caught my attention.

“Have you heard of menswear brand Ministry of Supply? Never sweat your shirt again. Dress shirts (+ pants, socks, etc) made to cater to your body. Cool stuff. Promise. Shoot me an email if you want to chat.”

It was short and sweet and didn’t reek of desperation—on the contrary. After a quick look at Ministry of Supply’s website I found myself wanting whatever was on offer.

A few days later I was opening a box that screamed, “Whatever’s inside is going to blow your mind.” What I found was the Archive Dress Shirt ($108) and a pair of Aviator Chinos ($118). And yes, my mind was blown.

I think most guys kind of figure all dress clothes are basically the same. It’s pretty hard to envision something different until it’s in your hands, but these clothes immediately felt different. They felt nice. I could actually feel the quality. They felt like no clothes I had ever touched.

Consider the company’s adjective of choice used to describe the materials used in the Archive Dress Shirt: advanced. No joke: nearly-invisible laser-cut perforations are designed to keep the wearer cool. Thermal imaging was actually used to map where these perforations would do the most good. On top of this, a synthetic fabric blend wicks away moisture while comfort stretch technology makes the shirt, well, comfy and stretchy. When a shirt company conducts a strain analysis to study how a person’s skin stretches in order to design a short that moves with your body… that’s high-quality.

Free shipping and alteration reimbursement means there’s absolutely nothing to lose.

The Aviator Chinos also feature keep cool ventilation and stay dry moisture wicking features. But the Aviator Chinos manage to pull something off I never even thought would be possible with dress pants: they are unrestrictive. Thanks to the stretchy fabric they have some give. One of the coolest features I noticed right away was the STAYPUT urethane seam taping that keeps your shirt tucked. Awesome.

Did I mention both items are wrinkle-free? Combined with all of the other features—especially the moisture-wicking—these clothes are durable. I’ve decided that while they may be more than I probably would’ve spent on dress clothes in the past, I’d rather spend a bit more for higher-quality and classic looks that are going to last.

When it comes to caring for these items, dry-cleaning is not recommended (awww yeah).

I haven’t had the chance to check out any of the other great products I see on their website, but I’m more than intrigued. The Apollo Shirt actually uses Phase Change materials (also used by NASA) to regulate temperatures. These materials are battery-like in that they store heat away from you when you are hot and release it back to you when you are cool.

Another technology worth pointing out is the Javafresh odor-fighting fabric which uses recycled coffee grounds to fight body stench.

I truly can’t recommend Ministry of Supply any higher. Their top-notch gear will be loved by any tech-fiend ready to get down to business.

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