Drop the iPhone 5 for a Galaxy Note? You’ve Got to be Kidding

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iphone_5_v_samsung_galaxy_note_2_thumb_contentfullwidthLast week I ran across an article titled Why I Might Drop the iPhone 5 for the Galaxy Note II, and You Should Too by Ed Zitron. I’m sorry to say, this is a terrible article in my opinion with little to no compelling argument. It’s essentially a headline without any content–shame on Forbes for even posting it. Nobody, including myself, should be telling other people what phone to use… that’s personal choice. I happen to be an iPhone user so I was interested in why someone would want to switch and the reasons I found were very, very lacking.

Here, below, I’ve listed the authors complaints and my comments:

Complaint #1: Paying nearly $700 to be part of the “Apple iClub” off contract. Comment: That was your choice and guess what–other smartphones are just as expensive without being subsidized by a carrier. Also, buying anything to fit in is a bad idea… be true to yourself and get what fits you–this isn’t high school.

Complaint #2: Maps. Comment: Apple has had trouble with their maps app… obviously. They have bent over backward to promote other map apps in the app store, including Google’s, and Tim Cook made a very public apology. That is all actually beside the point… the maps app is not the phone itself and there are plenty of viable alternatives. By the way, I don’t visit the Hoover Dam every day, so the fact that that was messed up on Apple’s map app doesn’t bother me a bit. The Apple maps app works great 99.9% of the time. Either way, this is such a small gripe it really shouldn’t even have been mentioned.

Complaint #3: “I picked up the phone to ask the restaurant where I was, and had to repeat myself eight times to even get an idea of where I was.” Comment: Sounds like a carrier issue.

Complaint #4: Inconsistent and unfriendly to even the most casual business user… searching for a previously sent email was impossible. Comment: How, specifically, is the iPhone unfriendly and how specifically is it inconsistent? Usually when people call a device friendly they mean it is easy to use… are you really calling the iPhone hard to use? Grannies and kids can use the iPhone 5 just fine… are you smarter than a 5th grader? LOL. You can’t just say something is inconsistent without giving a reason… you mention ...

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