DTF: Valkee Brightens Up Your Winter, Improves Your Mood With Light

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Today’s daily tech find is the Valkee, an interesting product that looks a bit like an MP3 player but with light instead of music coming out of the ear buds. As the website puts it, “Valkee substitutes the mood-elevating effects of the sun, by channeling safe bright light directly to photosensitive regions of the brain through the ear canal.” Apparently many people get depressed during the first few months of the year when it’s not so bright and shiny outside and that’s where the Valkee aims to make a difference. Who does’t like a bright sunny day? Valkee users (who use the device for 8-12 minutes a day) report the following benefits: increased energy, reduced carbohydrate cravings and a reduced need for excess sleep. People have even been using the Valkee to fight jet lag and migraines. 75% of people who have tried the Valkee would recommend it to their friends for fighting the winter blues.

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