Dyson Humidifier Review: a Sculpture of an Appliance that “Just Works”

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If the Dyson Humidifier is any indication, the hype surrounding Dyson products is real. This is a beautiful, quiet and clean humidifier with plenty of impressive features. It doesn’t just slay bacteria: it slays the competition (really, there IS no competition). If you’re looking for the best humidifier on the planet, look no further.

Humidifiers can help to keep us healthy. In my house, the humidifier makes an appearance anytime someone is sick or getting sick. Dry air is bad for noses, skin, throats and other important body parts so naturally avoiding irritation and soothing symptoms is a no-brainer. At least I thought it was: that was before I realized that most humidifiers spread bacteria. But not the Dyson Humidifier.

I originally became interested in the Dyson Humidifier because of it’s looks. Aesthetically, as is the case with many Dyson products, this humidifier is peerless. It’s an appliance that doubles as a sculpture; a functional piece of art that you’d be happy to feature in your home. Before the box ever arrived, I knew I’d be smitten by the gadget’s curves, graces and refinements.

But the looks are, thankfully, rivaled by the utility. The Dyson Humidifier doesn’t just hydrate the air. It kills 99.99% of bacteria in the water tank using Ultraviolet Cleanse technology. And that is, pardon the pun, a killer feature. In other words, this is the highest-quality humidification available.

So let me tell you a little bit about my experience using the Dyson Humidifier.


I was absolutely astonished at how quickly I was able to get the unit setup and running. It literally took less than 3 minutes from unboxing to power-on, so I guess you could say setup was an absolute cinch.

There are three main pieces to this unit: the “fan”, the water reservoir and the base. To get setup you simply setup the base, fill up the water reservoir and place it on the base and then place the fan on top. Plug it in, adjust the settings, done.

When you turn the unit on it can actually take up to 3 minutes or so for it to start humidifying. That’s because it first treats the water, then starts cranking out the mist. And speaking of the mist, sometimes you will see it and sometimes you won’t. Depends on the settings and the environment where it’s setup: but you can definitely notice the water getting used up over time.

I’m definitely a fan of the climate control and automatic setting. While you can use the remote to manually adjust how much hydration and output you want, the auto setting will keep things comfortable without any further intervention. I’ve had it on auto for a week and have been very happy with the results.

Filling up the water tank is definitely going to be easier in some sinks than others. In a normal bathroom sink you might only be able to fill the reservoir up a little over halfway. That’s because it’s a bit hard to fit the opening under a short fixture. It’s no big deal: you can easily fill it up in any tub or in a typical kitchen sink.

Obviously the designers at Dyson put a lot of thought into the practical details and it shows. I love the fact that there’s a collapsable handle on the water tank that makes carrying it to and from filling-up much easier. Once the tank’s back on the base the handle disappears from sight. Smooth.

The Dyson Humidifier’s remote is top-notch. For one thing it exists: how many humidifiers can boast of a remote? And it’s clearly not an afterthought. It’s just the right size and because it’s slightly curved, the way it fits into your hand is very nice.


The remote has six buttons: power, water, fan power, water amount, timer and auto. Each has a satisfying click when pressed. It’s a line-of-sight remote, rather than an RF remote, so you’ll have to aim it at the device to register signals. It’s also very light and the battery is easy to access.

The interface on the humidifier itself is dead simple: there’s a power button with a glowing ring of light around it and a small digital display which shows you basic settings information.

One of the best features of this device is it’s noiselessness. It’s nearly silent most of the time. Of course if you were to crank up the power to it’s max setting you’d notice it, but even then it’s still surprisingly quiet. It’s definitely earned it’s Quiet Mark certification.

Another cool feature, which I briefly alluded to already, is the sleep timer.

You’ll be able to use this humidifier for 18 hours continuously. That’s nearly a full 24-hour day!

In case you’re wondering, you can use the Dyson Humidifier as a fan (without any humidification) but the unit doesn’t rotate. Even so, because of it’s design it manages to cover a wide angle and can easily service an entire room.

This is the first Dyson product I’ve ever used and I love it unequivocally. Everything about it is high-quality and feels top-of-the-line. The looks are incredible and it just works. Highly, highly recommended.

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