Dyson V6 Motorhead cordless vacuum review (video)

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Dyson is one of the few companies that I can unequivocally say makes truly great products on a consistent basis. It wasn’t long ago that I gave the company’s new humidifier high marks, further engraving that thought into my brain. And for the last few weeks I’ve been testing Dyson’s new V6 Motorhead cordless vacuum and I’m incredibly happy with it — more than impressed, in fact — with one minor exception.

How well does it clean?

I’ll get right down to business here: the V6 Motorhead clean really well. Okay, will can you be more specific Mr. Reviewer Dude? Yes, I can.

My “normal” non-Dyson vacuum, which was an Electrolux I purchased at Target, (the one I had been using for at least a couple of years) seemed to do a decent job of picking up dirt, trash, pet hair and miscellaneous junk around the house. Until I got a robot vacuum from Neato which blew that “normal” vacuum out of the water. I was amazed at all the stuff it picked up — easily triple the amount of gunk. Well, that amazing robot couldn’t reach several places in the house: the stairs, blinds, plants, beds, counters… you get the point.

But the V6 Motorhead cleans just as good (if not better) than that Neato vacuum AND it can reach literally anywhere (except perhaps some ceilings). The amount of dirt the Electrolux picks up versus the Dyson is a joke. Despite it’s small, easy-to-use size, the Dyson is a powerful little beast.

It’s so good that I’d rather have the V6 Motorhead than a top of the line Electrolux. Man am I itching to get my hands on a Dyson robot vacuum…

Dyson V6 Motorhead 1

Bottom line: the V6 Motorhead pulls more junk out of your carpet than you’d expect and leaves no visual trace of dirt or mess. As a vacuum, that would be the minimum qualifier for a good recommendation, but there are a few other reasons why this vacuum a winner.

First it’s light. Really light. It’s a breeze to push around, even though it’s not powered (and if it was powered, it would just be that much heavier). Versus that Electrolux I keep mentioning, this vacuum feels about 4 to 5 times lighter. It’s so light that it could almost be a bit heaver (haha — not really, it’s just about perfect — but you really wouldn’t want it any lighter than this or it’d be like pushing air).

Second, it’s cordless. That’s something that really makes a big difference when you’re using a vacuum (it turns out). Now that I’ve used a cordless vacuum I could never go back. Not having to plug it in, manage the cord while vacuuming and wrap it back up when I’m done is AWESOME.

And the charging system is great too. There’s an easy-to-install mount and all you need to do is hang the vacuum up and plug it in. But I do have one small complaint along these lines that you’ll read about shortly (though, rest-assured, it wouldn’t ever stop me from buying this vacuum or recommending it to a friend).

Third, the Dyson ball joint makes pivoting the vacuum head super easy.

Fourth and finally — and very importantly — the V6 Motorhead is highly adaptable. You can push it on the floor or you can turn it into a hand-held vacuum in a snap. The attachments are easy to put on and take off and it makes cleaning a variety of things as easy and quick as possible.

It’s so versatile, in fact, that my wife and I have taken to cleaning the car out with it as well as the house. We like using it to clean the car better than the Shop Vac (with that long nasty hose and inconvenient rolling base — and that annoying cord).

Design and looks

The Dyson V6 Motorhead has a lot of style for a vacuum. Obviously that is one of the hallmarks of the Dyson brand. And I can appreciate that because there’s really no reason why something you interact with on a regular basis should be ugly. With that in mind, I really appreciate the bright colors of the V6 Motorhead. To look at it you’d know it was a vacuum just by the shape, but you’d be forgiven for thinking it was almost a futuristic laser gun from the future when the long attachment is off of it. I’ll just leave it at this: it’s a sleek, fun appliance that wants you to actually like it.

Dyson V6 Motorhead 2

One little drawback

So I really do love this vacuum but there’s one thing I wish it could do better: last longer. As it stands the V6 Motorhead has a 20 minute battery capacity: that’s 20 minutes of use at full power/suction. And that is great for one use.

But there are times when I don’t want to trek down to the laundry room (where we keep the charger) to plug it back in — like when I’ve been using it upstairs. And there have been a few times already (just in the last few weeks) where I’ve picked it up to start cleaning something and it died shortly thereafter. It just isn’t built for two consecutive uses without charging (as in full-on cleanings).

I get the feeling that every time I pull the trigger to start it up, it requires a lot of power (and so it should given how satisfyingly strong it’s suction is).

But for what it is — an extremely powerful yet gratifyingly light portable vacuum — it’s a winning combination. This small issue would’t prevent me from recommending this vacuum. At the end of the day it makes for a more pleasant cleaning experience.


If you’re looking for freedom from cords, want a vacuum that can go just about anywhere, looks good in the process, is light enough to not be a strain or give you any unwanted pain and cleans really, really well then the Dyson V6 Motorhead might be perfect for you. On the other hand, if you enjoy getting tangled up in cords and lugging a heavy vacuum that gets a minimum of dirt cleaned up, you might want to look elsewhere.

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