EazyWallz Review: The Best Selection Of Cool Wall Murals

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White walls are boring. You don’t live on a white-washed space station (like in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey). You and the people you’re around the most (family, colleagues) have personalities. Whether you’re at home or at work you want to be in a creative, happy, inspired mood as you go about your day. You need your mind to be stimulated, not sterilized. And white walls just don’t make that happen.

So what’s a person to do? Break out the paint? Go shopping for some wallpaper? Meh. Both options are so conventional and expected. Neither are really going to make your living or working environment stand out anymore than the house or office next door who had the same ideas and access to the same supplies. What you really need is something with an incredible visual pop; a way to expand the artificial borders around you and transport your mind to someplace new and fantastic and atypical. What you need is a wall mural (or many wall murals, depending on how fantastic and atypical you want your rooms to be).

Wall murals are basically wall-sized photos. They add color, depth and emotion to a room like no other decoration can. They have a transformative power that can make an old house seem far more up to date than it is or a new house truly become a neighborhood stand-out.

Imagine covering a wall in your house or office with a large, breathtaking picture — edge to edge, floor to ceiling. Imagine if, instead of staring at a blank wall across from your couch, you were gazing at an awe-inspiring view of Paris or Manhattan! What if, instead of looking past your computer monitor at work and seeing a bland, patternless wall you saw an imagination-tingling view of a rainforest or palm trees along a gorgeous coastline?

For the past several weeks I’ve been enjoying two such murals from a company called EazyWallz. EazyWallz seemed to me to have the best selection of wall murals on the Internet — that’s why I chose them, initially. But as I did some research I came to realize that they have a ton of really cool features that help them stand out from other sellers:

  • You can upload your own pictures for a truly custom wall.
  • You can choose the very cool collage mural option which makes a large wall of small personal photos.
  • You can get a door mural that makes your door seem like a portal to something fun or unexpected.
  • They provide inspiration and ideas (like how to decorate a kids room, for instance).
  • They provide incredible customer service that makes customers feel like they actually matter.
  • They provide in-depth and visually-driven materials to help you install your wall murals.

I’ve come across a variety of wall mural companies in the past and none of them seemed as “with it” as EazyWallz. It’s like the company anticipated my every need and met it before I ever set eyes on their website.

So I’ve told you a bit about the company, but how are their wall murals in reality?
Installation is pretty easy. Trust me: don’t be intimated by large sheets of sticky paper. While two people are recommended, I decided to try installing one mural by myself and I did it no problem.

To install, just open the canister your mural arrived in, lay the mural sections out on the floor (in order — each section has a number on the back), peel a few inches of the backing off the back of the first mural, line up the top left corner with the edge you’ve marked out, begin pressing the sticky side of the mural onto the wall or surface. Continue doing so making sure to iron out all air bubbles using a tool like a painter’s palette knife.

Important note: make sure the wall or surface is super clean (following the included instructions). I’d also make sure the floor around the wall or surface is equally clean: you don’t want to accidentally drop the sticky side of your mural on the floor and get junk stuck to it!

In summary, EazyWallz made it easy for me to make my workspace look incredible. I can’t recommend them enough. Be sure to tune into DailyTekk’s YouTube channel to see a couple murals from EazyWallz in action!

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