60+ Eco-Friendly Gadgets, Websites and Apps

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Around our house we do everything we can to be kind to the planet and I’ve included some resources here to help you do the same. In researching this post I was able to find some awesome new sites and tools that I had never even heard of before but that I will be checking frequently from now on. If you’re new to the green scene then you’ll probably dig all of the sites I’ve listed below, but, if you’re pretty familiar with eco-friendly sites and technology you’ll probably have heard of a few of these before. Either way, you’re sure to find something new and useful. Let me know in the comments  area if I missed anything good!

Top 15 Eco Blogs and News Websites

  1. Ecoki – The eco-lifestyle community with tips for living green and more.
  2. SmartPlanet – Innovative ideas that impact your world.
  3. Eco Tech Ninja – Eco-friendly gadget and technology news.
  4. Forbes Green Tech – Green tech information and news.
  5. EcoWorld – Nature and technology in harmony.
  6. Haute Nature – Reuse, reclaim, reimagine.
  7. Treehugger – Leading media outlet dedicated to driving sustainability.
  8. Inhabitat – Green design will save the world.
  9. Go Green – Think green, act green.
  10. EcoSalon – Conscious culture and fashion.
  11. Eco Age – A magazine for consumers who care about what they do.
  12. Ecofabulous – Stylish, sustainable living.
  13. MNN – Mother Nature Network. Environmental news and info.
  14. Ecofriend – Promoting an eco-friendly lifestyle to save the planet.
  15. Ecopreneurist – Covering sustainable business ventures.

Eco Shopping Sites

  1. EcoSeek – Green product directory.
  2. Neerg – Daily deals on natural, green, eco and organic products.
  3. Ethical Superstore – Fair-trade, eco-friendly and organic shopping.
  4. The Green Ecostore – Eco-friendly products including gadgets.
  5. Nigel’s Eco Store – UK store with eco-friendly and sustainable products.
  6. BuyGreen.com – Green home and office products.
  7. MoreEco – UK site that gives cash back for eco shopping.
  8. Greener Choices – Products for a better planet from Consumer Reports.
  9. Ethical Community – An eco shop and ethical community in one place.
  10. The Daily Green – A consumer’s guide to green from Good Housekeeping.

Eco iPhone Apps

  1. iRecycle – Over 1 million ways to recycle plus recycling news.
  2. GoodGuide – Shop your values and find green products instantly.
  3. greenMeter – Evaluates your driving to help improve efficiency.
  4. Label Lookup – Verify green product claims.
  5. Green Genie – Your guide to a sustainable lifestyle.
  6. Green Outlet

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