eHang Ghost Drone 2.0 — 4K Video, VR Goggles and Perfect for Beginners

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What’s the best drone for beginners that also shoots 4K video whose camera can be controlled by a VR headset? The answer is the Ghost Drone 2.0 from eHang.

I’ve been testing the Ghost Drone 2.0 for several weeks now and I’m pretty smitten with it. Right from the get go I was impressed with the packaging and unboxing experience and I’m get to be disappointed. That said, there are a few little quirks and some things you’ll need to know before making a purchasing decision, but overall I’m incredibly happy with this drone.

Setting Up the Ghost Drone 2.0 and Learning How to Fly

So first things first: setup (and before that, of course, you’ll want to make sure everything is charged up and ready to go, including the VR goggles). Setting up this drone is a matter of pairing: just jump on the WiFi network of the drone’s VR goggles and bind the drone to your phone. It truly is simple.

Next, you’ll need to learn how to fly the drone and this is something the app makes very easy (and why I call this a great drone for beginners). Instead of being thrown into the world of drone piloting cold turkey, the app walks you through some test flights and unlocks new control features and modes as you go making sure you completely understand how things work before turning you loose. I really enjoyed this process.

After you learn the ropes you’ll find that the app itself is very intuitive and easy to use. There are one tap functions for takeoff, landing, following and having the drone return to the place it took off. There are also some sliders for drone height and direction.

There are two modes of control for the Ghost Drone 2.0: normal mode and avatar mode. In the normal mode you use the on-screen joystick or directional pad (similar to what you’d see in many mobile video games for moving a character around). In avatar mode, you use your phone to control the drone: tilt in any direction and the drone will head that way.

I liked both modes a lot, but I’d say the avatar mode is best for open areas while the normal mode is perhaps a bit more precise (you know when you need to fly around some trees or something).

Control Your Drone Using VR Goggles

The VR goggles ...

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