Escort Max 360 Radar Detector Review: Top Of The Line Radar Defense

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For the last couple of weeks I’ve been driving around with a shield. No, not like a bronze Roman shield hanging out the window. I’m talking about an invisible shield generated by the Escort 360 radar detector which gives me a heads up when it detects radar signals around me. Why? The answer is simple: several months back I got a ticket when the speed on the road I was driving on changed very suddenly without my knowledge. I was upset about that and thought to myself I’d be more careful in the future. 

But you can only be so careful. Without a doubt there are times when you’re driving along and you miss things — like speed limit signs. It just happens. And that is exactly why I was thrilled to not only learn about the Max 360 radar detector but to actually have a chance to try it out.

Now you should know right up front that radar detectors are perfectly legal in all but two states. It’s a bit of a myth that you aren’t supposed to use them. So ya — since I can, I definitely will.

The Max 360 is powerful. It can detect several different types of radar over long distances. And it’s surprising exactly what it finds. I expected it to find police cars with radar guns aimed at the road. I didn’t expect it to find radar signs (you know the ones that tell you how fast you’re driving over the speed limit) — but it makes sense now that I’ve experienced it. As if that wasn’t impressive enough, I was amazed to find out that the Max 360 can even detect radar coming from planes! That’s how thorough the Max 360 is.

And it’s incredibly easy to tell which direction a radar signal is coming from. That’s thanks to the blue arrow lights that indicate whether a threat is coming from in front or in back or from either side of your vehicle. The lights are quite accurate and easy to see and, when paired with alert noises, make a great system for assessing potential speed situations.

I’ve definitely been enjoying the red-light camera alerts. Of course there are several red light cameras I am aware of on roads I drive daily, but when I’m headed out of state or even to a nearby town where I’m not as familiar with my surroundings, the red light camera is a real sentry. Driving through places I knew to have red light cameras (to test the Max 360) yielded perfect results; it didn’t miss a single one.

There are times (especially when the Max 360 is brand new) where you get a few “false” alerts. It’s not that the Max 360 isn’t detecting radar signals when it goes off and there’s no police officers around — it’s simply that it’s detecting radar being used for a reason other than traffic monitoring. But what I like about the Max 360 is the ability to mute any alert instantly (there are actually two ways to do this; a button on the unit itself and a button on the power cord) and the fact that I can adjust the alert volume.

And that granular volume control is appreciated. Different people and situations call for different volume levels. An older person will probably need to have the volume turned up a bit louder. A younger person like me, on the other hand, can turn it down to where the volume level is almost just background noise (which was actually my preference). But there’s definitely one situation where I’d crank the volume up a bit more and that’s when I’m traveling.

These “false” alerts disappear over a relatively quick time period as your device learns which signals it can ignore — and that’s an awesome feature. While I was driving the other day I was astonished when I witnessed the Max 360 learn a signal was not a threat — from that moment on I never got another alert at that intersection. So there’s some real intelligence sitting inside this radar detector.

Installing the Max 360 is really easy. I chose to mount mine to my windshield. There’s an included mounting kit that has an intuitive suction cup and arm that are among the easiest I’ve used to attach to your windshield. And once mounted properly, there’s no risk that the device will fall off; it creates a very secure connection.

All-in-all the Max 360 is a very solid radar detector — certainly the best I’ve used (I reviewed another brand a year or two ago here on DailyTekk). It will most definitely alert you to any and all radar signals in your vicinity — of that I have no doubt. So it’s highly accurate, easy to use and install, is somewhat customizable and and even comes with a handy carrying bag if you aren’t going to be using it 24/7. Would I recommend it? If you’re looking for a top of the line radar detector, then yes, definitely.

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