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Eugene Jorov is an all-weather engineer and entrepreneur of Angel, an open wearable health sensor.


Listen to developers first. We’ve reached out and received amazing feedback that helped us realize we tapped into a real need.


Keep the product demo-able at all times. To us, this is Agile/Lean distilled to one sentence.


We conducted dozens of live chat sessions with website visitors. Nothing beats direct communication with potential partners and customers.


Listen first. Keeping the other side curious is even more important than conveying the message.


We are focusing our efforts on launching a crowdfunding campaign soon. That will be our initial recruitment for customers 1-5.


Creating Angel has been like freestyle snowboarding – we’ll be able to tell the ballsiest moves from the rest when we get to base camp and have a cup of hot chocolate.


Hear everybody out, but trust your instincts first.


Find a mentor to talk to every week, focus on personal growth – the rest will happen naturally.


We’ve spent two months working on a crowdfunding movie which we eventually decided not to release. It then became an exercise in cutting our losses and moving on.


Survive one day at a time and practice Zen. Make a rule of never foregoing the little pleasures in life.

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