Everfest: the Best Way to Find Festivals You’d Want to Attend

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Everfest exists to help you unearth festivals you want to attend. It’s a simple mission, but a goal that isn’t necessarily easy to accomplish. In case you’re wondering what makes a festival a festival rather than a mere event (you’re not alone), Everfest defines it this way: a festival is a celebratory, interactive, inclusive, offline and recurring event.

So what makes Everfest the best way to find festivals you’d personally care about taking part in? Well it helps to have a team that is passionate about their subject matter and “above average at the Internet” (LOL—that’s a direct quote).

The passion has translated into building a platform whose sheer breadth—which spans genre and geography and includes ALL fests—has created a useful community where members can share and discover together. There’s no editorial slant and a focus on just the commercial pieces of festivals is gone too.

Although I wouldn’t have guessed it, Everfest is filling a hole in many people’s hearts. Co-founder Jay Manickam spills the data:

“While most folks will tell you they might go to three or so festivals a year, our data shows that members are expressing interest in going to more than 11 on average. There’s a real disparity there, and we think a lot of that comes from the disparate nature of the festival scene as a whole. We tie them all together and can recommend festivals you might like—perhaps that you’ve never heard of.”

It’s that aspect of discovery—and that fun feeling you get when you find something new you like—that is a large part of Everfest’s appeal. Manickam says, “It’s amazing how many folks started flipping through festivals and would go ‘Wow, I never knew that existed. I’d totally go to that!'”

One early Everfest user was able to find a family festival happening in his town the very next day. That was serendipitous since he was looking for something to do then. People are frequently bored and looking for something fun to do and Everfest might just have some answers. Manickam says that many users are surprised to find local festivals they wouldn’t have otherwise known about. In fact, he says that people are often surprised by the depth of Everfest beyond just the music festivals.

People are already finding all kinds of interesting, and perhaps non-obvious, use cases for Everfest. When Everfest was “hunted” on Product Hunt, a member of ...

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