Everything You Need To Know About Microsoft’s Holographic Headset (HoloLens) In 1 List

Holograms are the future—at least according to Star Trek and Microsoft. If you haven’t seen the demo video for Microsoft’s potentially game-changing gadget, HoloLens, I suggest you do so now. Virtual and augmented reality hold a lot of promise—perhaps mainly because they offer to free us from the screens we are so accustomed to viewing and interacting with now. Creating, gaming and even the world of medicine could be in for a huge jolt when Microsoft HoloLens becomes widely available. Here’s everything you need to know in one simple list:

  1. Microsoft HoloLens is a wireless headset that displays high-definition holograms in front of you.
  2. HoloLens holograms can be interactive and appear to “work” within/on things in your immediate physical environment…
  3. …which Microsoft refers to as “mixed reality.”
  4. You can use your movements, vision and voice to interact with HoloLens holographic content; there are no screens or mice—just gestures.
  5. So what kind of holograms will be accessible on HoloLens? Microsoft’s demo video offers some examples:
    1. A virtual TV on a blank wall (that you can resize by pinching and dragging a virtual corner).
    2. Virtual app buttons (think Skype, Xbox, Music, etc.), also on the wall.
    3. A large to-do list that appears on your fridge.
    4. An animated 3D weather forecast.
    5. CAD designing (the example shows a motorcycle being designed).
    6. A Skype-like conversation on a floating screen as a person walks.
    7. Minecraft, but rather than on a screen, all over your household objects (couch, tables, etc.).
    8. Realtime, interactive teaching/instructions.
    9. Walking around on a distant planet—like Mars.
    10. Designing kids toys (like a rocket ship).
  6.  HoloLens offers new ways to collaborate; you can see things from a colleagues perspective.
  7. The headband is adjustable and is designed to fit a wide range of adult head sizes.
  8. HoloLens runs on Windows 10.
  9. The holograms are real objects—they are just made of light.
  10. Holograms within HoloLens can be “pinned” to real locations in the physical world around you.
  11. HoloLens will probably fit over your normal glasses (if you wear any).
  12. People who might be interested in HoloLens include: developers, commercial organizations, designers, creators and people “seeking a whole new way to be entertained.”