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If you’ve been searching for a low-cost innovation that would give your business a boost in sales, professionalism, and overall management quality, UberConference has what you need. This revolutionary conference-calling application allows you to access powerful features on every call you make, and conduct your business in a transformed environment. Here’s an overview of the advantages that UberConference offers:


Running any kind of business means you’re always trying to accomplish as much as possible in the smallest amount of time. How many hours do you spend organizing meetings and making sure that everyone can be in the same place at the same time? UberConference eliminates that problem, so physical location no longer creates a barrier to attending a meeting.

UberConference Pro allows you to add up to 100 people on a call. When the call is ended you can get back to work immediately, instead of being caught up in lingering post-meeting chit-chat. Another advantage from a sales point of view is that, while everything that was said is still fresh in your mind, you can make notes in your CRM software for future interactions.

Ease of Access

The UberConference app can be downloaded through iTunes or Google Play, and will go with you wherever you take your mobile device. With UberConference always on, running in the background, you won’t ever miss a call. Also, the application can be launched with a single click, so even your most tech-phobic clients or staff people will be won over by its easy, appealing user experience. Since UberConference works independent of a browser, conferences can be started and attendees can be notified ahead of time regardless of which browser anyone is using.

Also, its social network integration means that anyone on your contact lists for Google Plus, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other networks can join your conference call without needing to register or use a PIN number. With UberConference Pro, a toll-free or local number can be created with any area code desired, and callers can dial in from 50 countries. This conference tool has everything that polished professionals need to do business in today’s global economy.

UberConference-Free-CallsBest Management Practices

If an urgent issue arises, you can take care of it immediately by convening a conference call. UberConference gives you a choice of channels, including SMS message or email, through which to reach out and notify people to join you in a conference call without delay. By solving problems as they arise, you’ll be able to move forward rapidly and not get mired down in trying to simply organize a conversation. 

Furthermore, audio conferencing reduces distractions. You have everyone’s undivided attention while they are on the call with you, and UberConference offers powerful tools to manage the conference while it’s underway. When you initiate the conference, you can control who speaks, and you can use the “ear muffs” functionality to make comments only to selected users.

Enhanced Team-Building

If you work in sales, your days may be tightly scheduled between meetings out in the field. Being able to participate in conference calls enables you to feel like part of the team, no matter where you physically happen to be. Also, if the same information needs to be shared with a number of different individuals, you can simply have the conversation once. If questions need to be asked, they will only be asked once and everyone can hear the answers. This creates a bond of trust among team members, since everyone will have be included in the loop.

Superior Record-Keeping

UberConference Pro small business conference software turns each call into an MP3. This permanent record protects everyone’s interests: Even if an agreement is concluded through a brief verbal exchange, having a recording of the conference call allows every party to have a clear understanding of just exactly what was agreed to.

The ability to go back and listen again to the audio recording is crucial for many aspects of your business, from training to customer service to liability management and conflict resolution. Furthermore, checking back in on calls from early phases of a project enables you to evaluate the project’s current status and maintain a clear timeline of expectations.

Contact UberConference today for details about how this small business conferencing software can streamline your daily tasks, build professionalism, and allow you to close more deals. Bonus: enter promo code “GoPro379” to get one month of pro service for free!

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