f-stop’s Ajna Adventure Backpack Review: A PERFECT 40 Liter Pack For Videographers

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A couple of weeks ago I mentioned to my wife how I needed a new backpack specifically designed to haul my video equipment around. A couple of days later a company called f-stop got in touch asking if I’d like to test out their new Ajna pack which was part of a new lineup called the Mountain Series launching today.

After about a week of testing I have found the Ajna to be a supremely tough, capable and well-thought out videography pack that is highly configurable and adaptable and is surprisingly stylish for such a functional piece of gear. To be honest I feel lucky that f-stop got in touch with me to test this pack before I went out and bought my own; I can’t imagine finding a better working or looking videography backpack. The Ajna has everything I wanted—and more—and it’s not even the largest pack offered in the mountain series.

The Ajna is a mid-sized “adventure” pack with a 40 liter capacity. It comes in some seriously cool colors including orange, green, blue and black (my test pack is black). It has a base price of $299 but can be configured with additional accessories (ICUs) that make carrying camera kits easy.  Ajna’s big brother is the Shinn, an 80 liter pack meant to haul larger/rigged camera setups. Ajna’s other sibling is the Tilopa which is the most rugged pack of the Mountain Series.

The Ajna has so many awesome features, it’s hard to know where to start in an attempt to explain them all too you. It’s almost like this is a spy pack made by Q Branch. But let’s start with it’s toughness, because nobody wants a bag with a lot of features that can’t hold up to the job.

The very first thing I noticed about the Ajna when I took it out of it’s shipping box was the material it is made with: it’s unlike anything else I’ve ever seen on a backpack. The Nylon shell and secondary polyurethane film mean this pack sports some incredible weatherproofing. It’s what rugged quality feels like.

When I inspected the bottom of the pack I think my jaw literally dropped open a bit. At the time I didn’t know what the bottom of the bag was made out of (it’s Hypalon) but I knew it was TOUGH. The last thing you want to worry about ...

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