Facebook’s Craiglist Killer + Mac Scented Candle + Xiaomi 4K Streamer

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Facebook’s Craigslist Killer: Facebook Marketplace is the company’s new feature that lets you buy and sell locally — like Craigslist, but less ugly. Facebook’s treating this like a big deal as Marketplace is taking center stage on the iOS app to make selling as easy as snapping a pic, providing a description and a price and hitting publish. This could be dangerous: as TechCrunch points out, you don’t to go Facebook to watch videos but you do anyways — what if the same thing happens for shopping? Source

“New Mac” Scented Candle: Apple accessory maker TwelveSouth just announced the New Mac Candle which is meant to smell like… opening a new Mac somehow. This is a 100% soy wax candle with scent notes of mint, peach, basil, lavender, mandarin and sage — not sure how that smells like a Mac — that’s hand-poured in South Carolina and burns for 45-55 hours. I know what you’re thinking — this has to be a joke, right? But it’s definitely a real product and the first batch is already completely sold out! Source

Xiaomi’s 4K Android Streaming TV Box: Xiaomi, the Chinese company known for consistently and blatantly ripping off Apple designs, just launched their 4K streaming TV box in the US. At $69 it’s capable of streaming 4K content at 60 FPS, can run Sling TV, supports Google Cast and Google Voice search and might make a pretty compelling Roku competitor. Still, all I really want is a 4K Apple TV. Source

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